Glib Reviews of Random Movies #2

Today's edition. I have a lot so I'll do em in bunches til I get current with my watching.

The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Like Die Hard except slow, plodding, with a Swedish Goth Lesbian Hacker instead of Bruce Willis. :p Ok not really, but I did find it a bit slow going compared to the first movie. Well done, but not spectacular in anyway. I feel like when the third one comes out on DVD I'll watch them all in a marathon and enjoy them more than I do singly. It seems like a series.

Perrier's Bounty.

Poorly named movie that's actually worth a boo. Fairly funny angry young Irishman (dreamy Cillian Murphy) owes 1000 Euros to a loan shark (Brendan Gleeson) who send his gayest thugs after him for some bone breaking interest. Jim Broadbent pops up as Cillian's Da, who thinks he's dying (oh those weepy Irish :leprechaun: ) and proceeds to help out his son in his own strange ways. All of this is casually narrated (in what seems more like a commentary track than a narration) by Gabe Byrne.

Jonah Hex.
Slightly better than say Elektra, (maybe) as far as comic book movies go. And that's really only due to having a half decent budget, and a a few actual actors.

Predictable fun & completely ludicrous. I predicted the exact order that everyone would die as soon as I saw each of the characters. No surprises, yet an enjoyable popcorn flick. Funniest moment was La Fishburne doing the "Ride of The Valkyrie Helicopters" reference from Apocalypse Now, which he was in.

4th century nerds, and Christians who were the Jocks of the era, with all their nerd hating. Turns out that being a well educated and out spoken woman in those times was a rarity. Who knew? the film has it's moments but kept losing me every time they decided to do a space walk mid scene. As the Senate talks, Hypatia astral travels into the heavens? I dunno. A bit of a slog... a pretty slog mind you. The film looked good, felt authentic to the period (afaik with my limited knowledge of said period) but well so what? Fundamentalist types (of any religion)  are assholes? Yeah I knew that already.


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