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Review of The Girl With All the Gifts

Glib Reviews of New Movies The Girl With All the Gifts - Directed by Colm McCarthy What a refreshing zombie movie is not something I have ever considered writing or saying before. But this film merits that ‘accolade.’ From a novel & screenplay of the same name by a writer whose comic book writing I dig very much, Mike Carey. (he wrote the great Vertigo comic Lucifer which is an okay tv show at the moment, but was a glorious comic book)  Director McCarthy sets a really good pace, the music is over the top, but well suited. There are lots of frightening and uncomfortable moments in this film, before anything even really happens. The zombie-fied world presented without too much long winded exposition is kind of unique as it look s past just oh look infected zombie horde. Also fast zombies are the best zombies. The acting is pretty top notch, especially from the young lead, Sennia Nanua, and Glenn Close looking rather like a slightly younger Dame Judy Dench, and