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2011 DVD “Best Of“...

or 13 movies that came out on dvd in 2011 that you might not have seen, but really should have. The one thing each of these films has in common is that they each are outside each unique in use of story structure, symbolism, and movie cliches. In my opinion each one has aspects that would turn some viewers off altogether (violence, non linear narrative, or simply no "action". ) In my opinion though they all are interesting takes on familiar genres, stories that work better than any of their more famous cousins being all nominated for things and whatnot. Also ignore the imdb ratings. those people are even less reliable than the dummies on rotten tomatoes. Listen to me. I know what's good :p Maybe.... Down Terrace One of those movies that morphs from family drama to Crime film in all the best "Loachian" manners you could think of. Would make an awesome stage play in fact. The honeyed tones of British crime sing across your brain as the fim twis

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More Glib Movie reviews: Mega post

A few more old movie reviews while I mull over my next personal life post. " The Killer Inside Me " Directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Casey "Mumbles" Affleck carrying the momentum of his last few nice roles, here. Great seething performance as a nice guy sociopath deputy sheriff in this very good adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel. some smaller performances are uneven, but Affleck, and Ned Beatty make up for those. Katie Holmes- unrecognizable to me. Jessica Alba has made the successful  transition to hooker with a heart of gold roles in this film. oh, and um ouch. You shouldn't hit girls. It makes me squeamish. " Me & Orson Welles " directed (with workmanlike competence, but not much else) by Richard Linklater. Kind of laborious movie actually wherein Zac Efron plays an emo "I am so entitled" modern youngster who travels back in time to do the second most popular Time travel riff after killing Hitl

BuddhaRhubarb's Channel - YouTube

my channel on youtube... more recent videopoems etc... BuddhaRhubarb's Channel - YouTube : 'via Blog this'

First post with my new iPad

so, yeah. I bought an IPad Well I will have bought it in about two months when I've paid off the visa for it. I chose now as opposed to wait two months, saving up. Same difference, gratification, sooner... Win win in my mind. The verdict? It's awesome. I got an ipad2 of course. For once I'm briefly on top of the tech. Usually I'm a few generations of computing behind. The main reason I got this thing though is for doing things like this, sitting on my sofa and blogging, making the little movies I like to make, that kind of thing. Photos. There are a lot of great photo apps. I'm really happy with that. I've only got a few paid apps on it so far. GarageBand, being a bargain at 4.99, iMovie not as robust, but still useful in tandem with some of the cool super8mm apps and so on. I feel inspired using this little machine. I have already made a bit of media, a short corky movie and some experimental pics etc. I don't mind the onscreen keyboard either, though I

My latest Video Poem

Cheap Wine Rattles Me

And one month Later

Another post. wow. I keep starting blogs with the best of intentions to keep piling on the content. Goofy pictures, videos I make or like, or pour my guts out, daily. Well that hasn't really happened has it?  Maybe i can redouble my efforts. I can try, but seemingly not much more than that. Anyhoo. I have actually been pretty busy, having just come back from a vacation in Toronto. I stayed with my cousin Tina , whose awesome and inspiring blog I follow here on blogger. I really enjoyed my more than two week vacation in Hot Hot Hot Toronto. Killer sunshine, which if you've been to Vancouver recently, you likely missed out on. Had the Parking Lot Experience on Canada Day, saw/heard really:  Weezer (1st time) and The Hip (13th time).  Partied with many a cousin, over my two weeks in the big smoke. I felt like i got to know a few of them somewhat well as we hung out so much. Also saw some friends, acquaintances from days of Yore (00s, 90's) Cruised around downtown Tra

June's only post so far

Yes as it turns out I'm lazy. No posts in like a month on here. Fairly indicative of how I'm faring lately actually creativity wise; I'm in a bit of a stall. Most of my creative pursuits recently have been Dungeons and Dragons related. Coming up with interactive narrative for my campaign has been fun, and rewarding, but it's just practice for the writing life. I guess I'm sort of keeping my hand in. But still, still like I have for the the last couple of years, feel like I'm at the crossroads.There's nobody offering me wicked guitar skills for my soul however. Whatever happened to Ralph Macchio anyways? My biggest news is that I'll be taking a vacation starting in exactly a week from now. I'm flying into The Big Smoke (Toronto for us Canadians) on June 30 and staying until the 18th. I plan to play tourist as much as possible while seeing friends and family who live in the area. My cousin Tina is letting me crash on her sofa most of the time, whic

Glib Reviews of not so Random Movies #1

Drive Angry ... um actually was kind of a hoot. Nic Cage's magic 8 ball script choosing system finally hit on something in his wheel house. Modern Grindhouse, less Machete, more Death Sentence though for certain.  I really enjoyed the cheeky straight ahead no winking at the audience tone of this flick. they slow it down in bits but come back slamming with a Sidek(CH)ick who's nobody's fucktoy, and kicks a lotta douchebag dude ass her ownself. refreshing. any action flick that can forgo the love interest but also have a gunfight fought while never stopping fucking the barmaid from the previous scene in the movie needs to be seen. funny shit. worth a rent

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #11

 I've been super lax with updating this blog, mostly through sheer laziness. So I'm throwing some ready made content out there with some of my glib reviews of random movies from a forum I post on. I haven't actually been doing much in the way of new reviews, lately. I'm tired of the same old whiny rants about how much I suck, can't get my shit together. I don't want to get into political ranting, though I'm extremely disappointed in the 40% of eligible voters who can't see beyond all the fear being spread by the aptly named Cons. (There are no Tories, dead party get over it... do we call the NDP The CCF? No. Cause they ain't the CCF nor is Harper and his pack of goons Tory. Fiscally responsible? Warplanes in this country are the opposite of that. Getting rid of planned parenthood? Yeah why would you want to plan something like parenting? Sad fucking way this country is going. At least the Canucks won, barely. Actually Kesler won. So yeah don'

RIP Sidney Lumet

RIP Sidney Lumet My top Lumet Films. 1. Network (one of those perfect movies, as fresh or fresher in message and tone since the day it debuted.) 2. Dog Day Afternoon (First off it’s one of the “Cazales” or films with John Cazale which are: Godfather & Godfather 2, Dog Day, The Conversation, and The Deer Hunter. Secondly it’s one of the films that defines the best of that 70’s style of film making. Gritty, socially conscious without being overly preachy, and seriously well performed.) 3. The Pawnbroker (it’s all about “The Steiger”. One of the all time great film performances, easily) 4. 12 Angry Men (perfect casting, tone… again, kind of perfect) 5. Serpico (my sentimental favourite, probably the one I’ve watched the most often, probably 6 or 8 times at least) some under appreciated Lumet gems include: Garbo Talks (1984) is one of the nicest melancholy films about dying that you will ever see. It’s a lovely film. Smart, canny, and somehow melancholy without too much pat

My Book Launch

... is next Friday. At The Prophouse Cafe at 1636 Venables st. Vancouver. The Facebook Page My "Author" FB Page So I'm preparing for that. have some new books ordered in to sell at the show. Also two local legends: Rodney DeCroo & Wyckham Porteous will be opening the evening for me with their own unique brands of wordsmithy. It's going to be a fun gig. I'm pretty excited. And I must confess, a wee bit nervous. I haven't "Read" in a few years. But I've been rehearsing, and most of my old standbys like say "Like Bukowski In Drag" seem to come pretty easily. Muscle memory. Like riding a bicycle. mmm Poetry Bikes. Otherwise, I really do feel like self publishing is the way for me to go, at least at the moment. I live a fairly simple existence: Job/Commitment wise specifically so I can have the downtime needed to write and develop my craft. Am I vigilant in this? Not so much. But I've never been a fast starter

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #10

The Hitchhiker Directed By Ida Lupino should be shown to everyone who ever wants to make a movie on little or no money. Genius little noir that seamlessly mixes noir cliches, homo-erotic subtext, (Interesting that this movie directed by a woman had no women to speak of in the movie) clever editing, guerrilla locations, great lighting and set design to create a real sense of the "malaise upon manhood" that the 2nd world war had wrought... The Villain is almost literally a Steve Ditko drawn villain come to life with his paralyzed eyelid. Steve Ditko meets EA Poe meets Hubert Selby Jr. Quick Change Bill Murray and some other clowns outwit Jason Robards. A gem of a Heist comedy highly enjoyable... nice cameos. Green Lantern: First Flight . An animated feature from DC... These movies might be the best thing DC has going right now. Highly entertaining re-telling of Hal Jordan with Sinestro, Kilowog, the old Jewish Tailor version of the Guardians, and I tell ya what Victor

Like Bukowski In Drag, Again... is ready

I received my first batch of my latest self publishing effort... "Like Bukowski In Drag, Again". It's a3rd edition of my first Chapbook, called "like Bukowski In Drag".  I have copies for sale at $10 CAD, and copies on which you can order for 10$ a pop also... They ship it right to your house. (or wherever you want) Like Bukowski In Drag, Again. by Joe Boyce Burgess | Make Your Own Book

Buddha Rhubarb’s Ongoing Confidential Report

Buddha Rhubarb’s Ongoing Confidential Report: 3 Fragments from the last few weeks. Fragment: 1 Like a hamster on a wheel in a cage is how I sometimes feel in regards to those few precious issues of mine that seem to be the superglue on the bottom of my ballet shoes. Or something. I am lately given to think that my inability to firmly commit to anything bigger than a fairly menial job, or renting a small apartment has much more to do with my  creative procrastinations,  gender dysphoria, and lack of any real intimacy, etc… than those things themselves have any momentum/inertia. My inherent passivity and (what is called by most people who aren’t me) laziness though help keep my ambitions low. I was saying to a friend just yesterday how when I look at some new Canadian poetry published recently in magazines or anthologies, I often find much to like, and stuff I deem better than, some not as good as my own stuff. I do have some ego about it. But I still have a hard time imagining that

New edition of my old chapbook

I've recompiled my old chapbook: "Like Bukowski In Drag", and am calling this edition (the fourth version of the book by the by) "Like Bukowski In Drag. Again." And yes it probably is kind of weird that you are staring at my cleavage. :p

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #9

Spirit of the Beehive Holds up well. deep, literate film yet simply told story of two young Spanish girls in the late 30's with broken disaffected parents, and healthy imaginations. Gorgeously shot, paced. The Insect Woman . 1963 Shohei Imamura. Back in tha day Imamura was a bit of a bad boy director... this was his comeback film after the awesomely titled "Pigs & Battleships" went way over budget (though did well theatrically) and the "system" chose to make him take a sabbatical - during which he wrote several scripts and a play - The script for this movie being one.  It's the most conventional (despite it's dated use of freeze frame etc) social history of Japan in the 20th C. that you will see from Imamura... he tends to stick to smaller scope stories. There are flashes of his later brilliance, and overall this is a very enjoyable picture. It has a circular structure and reinforces the old japanese adage about the nail sticking out, being pou

My Favourite 25 Albums of Oughties

~ These are the albums I listened to the most throughout the ‘00’s … Some I listen to far less often these days (Gwen Stefani, the Streets, White Stripes, for example) but they occupied significant roles on my playlists,ipods over at least a few years periods in the ‘00’s.~ ~ It is kind of eclectic, yet not really.~ The Streets - A Grand Don’t Come For Free ~ Totally blew my mind, and kind of still does, best concept/story album in decades. Could be a movie, but already kind of is. Levon Helm - “Farmer Duology”  2 albums Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt ~ are both eminently re-listenable… great catchy band-esque, but not really-ish tunes from Helm and lots of guest artists. Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch ~ a great album from Spektor, who is one of the most interesting singer songwriters in ages. She deserves bigger success yet! Grey Album - Danger Mouse ~ maybe my mind is too easily blown, I am a sucker for covers and decent mashups, This is the Codex for  successful mashups

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #8

The Karl Malden helmed " Time Limit ": starring Richards -Widmark & Baseheart. OK drama about North Korean Prisoners of War and the after affects of their Major, seeming to "go over" to the commies. Turns out he was trying to do the "right thing" but failed. Not enough action in this talky drama. Dear Zachary -  Doc about an apparently awesome guy who gets murdered by the woman bearing his unborn son. Things get worse for his family from there. heartwrenching and messed up. If you don't think there's evil in the world. Look no further than the shores of Newfoundland. Filth & Wisdom purportedly directed by Madonna.  It's ok.. has that Gogol Bordello guy in it, giving it a bit of a Borat tinge. Basically he plays himself, (annoyingly talking to the camera occasionally) living with two single gals, has the hots for one, hires himself out between gigs as a role-playing Man-Whore in the funniest sequences in the movie. Richard E. Grant