My Favourite 25 Albums of Oughties

~ These are the albums I listened to the most throughout the ‘00’s … Some I listen to far less often these days (Gwen Stefani, the Streets, White Stripes, for example) but they occupied significant roles on my playlists,ipods over at least a few years periods in the ‘00’s.~

~ It is kind of eclectic, yet not really.~

The Streets - A Grand Don’t Come For Free ~ Totally blew my mind, and kind of still does, best concept/story album in decades. Could be a movie, but already kind of is.

Levon Helm - “Farmer Duology”  2 albums Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt ~ are both eminently re-listenable… great catchy band-esque, but not really-ish tunes from Helm and lots of guest artists.

Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
~ a great album from Spektor, who is one of the most interesting singer songwriters in ages. She deserves bigger success yet!

Grey Album - Danger Mouse
~ maybe my mind is too easily blown, I am a sucker for covers and decent mashups, This is the Codex for  successful mashups that feel like  decent covers. Very re-listenable.

Johnny Cash - the Man Comes Around
~ Cash covering again, some genius cuts on this one. I love that late in his career Cash kept up his great re-interpretations of great songs.

White Stripes - Elephant ~ is the album that turned me on to the twosome of Jack & Meg. I still think it’s the most White Stripesy of their White Stripes albums, and to me that’s a good thing.

Black Keys - The Big Come Up
~ These guys rock me to my core with each album. I chose this one at random, but all their albums have been in my rotation since I discovered them while in Japan.

Lady Gaga - The Fame ~ I didn’t want to love Lady Gaga when I first heard about her, but after listening to this album, I changed my mind completely.

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Fighting & Onions
~ another stomping kicking album from these guys. Great party music, gets me all revved up. With William Eliot Whitmore, these guys helped bestir my re-interest in old-timey mountain music & old country.

A.C. Newman - Get Guilty ~ best non-Pornographer work by a New Pornographer in my humble opinion, sorry Neko, & Dan. One of those albums you have to always listen to all the way through.

The Gossip - s/t EP ~ Short sharp blast of what Beth Ditoo & the boys are best at: punching you in the face with their songs.

Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic
~ The former voice of one of my favourite 90’s bands (Soul Coughing) continues to make catchy pop music, he’s gone to a less sample-y keyboard approach to a more guitar driven indie vibe without missing a beat. this album is full of songs that should be hits.

Hymns For The Hopeless - William Eliot Whitmore
~ I found Whitmore through one of those music blogs where they link a couple of myspace tracks of various artists that the blogger is into. The track “Cold and Dead” has become one of my all time favourite songs, and rivals “Amazing Grace” as far as A Capella goes in my personal Canon. It will be played at my funeral.

Various Artists - I’m Not There Soundtrack
~ Some great covers of songs by a guy who gets covered only slightly less than the Beatles; Bob Dylan. Aptly enough the covers are from a movie where several actors “cover’ Dylan, aspects of him, at least, which is what a good cover is, a re-interpretation.

Live In London - Leonard Cohen ~ My only compilation/Greatest Hits album of the decade. Best Cohen comp, as it’s all him now near the end, givin’ ‘er as only he can.

Naturally - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
~ Totally sublime throwback stuff… I can listen to this album anytime.

Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby ~ gayest album on my list as it’s completely silly and even more ludicrous than any Gaga, Xtina, Britney mashup you could hatch. great bubblegum music for dancing with cute boys to.

Scissor Sisters - S/T album
~ Also pretty gay, but like the Gaga album & The Stefani, it also has a lot of gravitas and real musicianship, and geniusly crafted pop.

Rodney DeCroo - Queen Mary Trash
~ A long time friend of mine has made an awesome foot stomping country rock roots whatever album of trashtalk. Oft compared to Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, my pal Rodney is meaner than either ever thought to be, but with tongue firmly in cheek.

Senor Smoke - Electric Six
~ Dorkiest album/group on my list. Their songs almost all make me laugh while I’m dancing.

Stop Drop And Roll!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs
~ Easily the best Green Day album since back in tha’ day, is not a Green Day album. Catchy hooks abound.

StreetCore - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
~ Joe Strummer came completely back from the dead with this his best album of any kind since London Calling, then he died. :( RIP Joe!

Devotchka - Una Volta
~ Tons of people do this “Devotchka” sound these days, but I first heard it here on this album, which still is one of my all time favourite albums.

Johnny Cash - Unchained
~ Has so many great cash Covers including my fave, “Rusty Cage” ‘Nuff said.

Shiina Ringo - Shōso Strip
~ Japanese Lady singers are not all Ayu clones as the ever individual Shiina Ringo has proven by stepping sideways everytime she is about to break outside her loyal fanbase. This is the first album of heres I heard at a friend’s house when I was in Japan. Great ChickRock!


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