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Mega long short review post

Here is a giant stack of my so-called "glib reviews" . I may have changed my mnd on a few of these movies, on contemplation, but these reviews represent my initial gut reactions to said movies. The great thing about movies is seeing them again. I look forward to re-watching at least a few of the following. Pervert's Guide To Cinema   With the vaguely charming in a “Balkan way”: Zizek! as narrator.  Directed by one of those female Fiennesseses. If you want to know what film 101 classes are like but don't want to audit a local class, watch this. Zizek gives interesting but typical and not radical in the least interpretations of Hitch, Tarkovsky, Wachowski Bros, and even George Lucas in one tidbit. It's all cheeky with him in the actual locations of the films he's on about in his very very Freudian (at least he really gets Freud unlike many film crits) anaylsis of Blonde women, erotic impulses, death drives and so on. Very old school &quo