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New edition of my old chapbook

I've recompiled my old chapbook: "Like Bukowski In Drag", and am calling this edition (the fourth version of the book by the by) "Like Bukowski In Drag. Again." And yes it probably is kind of weird that you are staring at my cleavage. :p

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #9

Spirit of the Beehive Holds up well. deep, literate film yet simply told story of two young Spanish girls in the late 30's with broken disaffected parents, and healthy imaginations. Gorgeously shot, paced. The Insect Woman . 1963 Shohei Imamura. Back in tha day Imamura was a bit of a bad boy director... this was his comeback film after the awesomely titled "Pigs & Battleships" went way over budget (though did well theatrically) and the "system" chose to make him take a sabbatical - during which he wrote several scripts and a play - The script for this movie being one.  It's the most conventional (despite it's dated use of freeze frame etc) social history of Japan in the 20th C. that you will see from Imamura... he tends to stick to smaller scope stories. There are flashes of his later brilliance, and overall this is a very enjoyable picture. It has a circular structure and reinforces the old japanese adage about the nail sticking out, being pou

My Favourite 25 Albums of Oughties

~ These are the albums I listened to the most throughout the ‘00’s … Some I listen to far less often these days (Gwen Stefani, the Streets, White Stripes, for example) but they occupied significant roles on my playlists,ipods over at least a few years periods in the ‘00’s.~ ~ It is kind of eclectic, yet not really.~ The Streets - A Grand Don’t Come For Free ~ Totally blew my mind, and kind of still does, best concept/story album in decades. Could be a movie, but already kind of is. Levon Helm - “Farmer Duology”  2 albums Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt ~ are both eminently re-listenable… great catchy band-esque, but not really-ish tunes from Helm and lots of guest artists. Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch ~ a great album from Spektor, who is one of the most interesting singer songwriters in ages. She deserves bigger success yet! Grey Album - Danger Mouse ~ maybe my mind is too easily blown, I am a sucker for covers and decent mashups, This is the Codex for  successful mashups

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #8

The Karl Malden helmed " Time Limit ": starring Richards -Widmark & Baseheart. OK drama about North Korean Prisoners of War and the after affects of their Major, seeming to "go over" to the commies. Turns out he was trying to do the "right thing" but failed. Not enough action in this talky drama. Dear Zachary -  Doc about an apparently awesome guy who gets murdered by the woman bearing his unborn son. Things get worse for his family from there. heartwrenching and messed up. If you don't think there's evil in the world. Look no further than the shores of Newfoundland. Filth & Wisdom purportedly directed by Madonna.  It's ok.. has that Gogol Bordello guy in it, giving it a bit of a Borat tinge. Basically he plays himself, (annoyingly talking to the camera occasionally) living with two single gals, has the hots for one, hires himself out between gigs as a role-playing Man-Whore in the funniest sequences in the movie. Richard E. Grant