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Everything Is Coming up Zardoz

Glib Reviews Of Old Movies Everything Is Coming up Zardoz Everything Is Coming Up Zardoz is what I am calling my latest ‘blog film fest.’ I did this a few times last year, and want to try and do these more often if only to get me watching movies more again, and writing, thinking about them. Since leaving the video store, I feel a bit like my interest in movies has waned to the point I hardly watch them anymore, let alone develop interesting conversations about them. So this ‘fest’ is like my previous ‘Swashbuckling festival,' and a Noir one I did, a bit of a narrow genre focus. I have about 10 or 12 films to get through and will do my reviews the day after watching, or maybe the same day, if I get to it early enough. This fest is all about obscure or maybe not so obscure 70’s Sci Fi. I am Starting with Zardoz because I have only seen it a couple of times, and haven’t given it much critical thinking beyond the obviously trippy elements, and the unintentionally (t