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Glib Comic Book Reviews 23 April 2015

Well, I have been watching some TV lately, but no movies. Will get together some end of tv season reviewing hopefully soon. But I once again, ave collected a few panels from this week's comic book new releases... 3 weeks into DC's Convergence Event. as usual, some better than others, a few kind of depressing. Marvel is nearing ends of arcs and comics before their big event starting soon. Other comic book companies luckily are not doing these events, making the fatigue less of a factor. Read more Boom, Image, Dark horse etc... cleanses the palette. Starting with DC's Convergences because that's the order I read stuff... One of the better titles this week was the 'New Teen Titans' of the pre Crisis days of the early 80's. These are "my Titans" and I enjoyed seeing pretty bang on interpretations. Though Dick I remember now was a bit more of a pill, back in the day. micromanage much Nightwing. Nice tangent verse characters as the 'enemies

Glib Comic Book Reviews!

Week two of my glib reviews of comics, from Wednesday April 15th Trying to do these quick glib little reviews more often, leading to eventually some more feature kind of writing on comics, maybe including some dissection of my own brief tenure as a cartoonist. also podcasting. watch this blog for more info, as I figure out what I am doing. This week in comic book panels... First up are the Convergence titles the main title improves a lot by just focussing on some heroes teaming up, dealing with the setup of their last crossover, and the painful transition issue # 1. This panel right at the end makes me happy, Deimos! can Skartaris be in the mix? please let warlord come back, and if I can't write it, give it to someone good.  Kingdom Come Superman trash talks Young Justice (the comic) Superboy. in the Convergence Superboy issue that was pretty enjoyable, capturing the fun that that version of Superboy was. In The Azrael Convergence title "Shadow of the Bat" re

The Return of Josie's Comics panels of the week.

Josie's comics panels of the week aka Glib Reviews of new comics. Originally I did a few of these comic book posts on this blog, then I joined a facebook comics chat group, and started doing them there. But now I feel like, since I am doing these anyway. maybe I should blog them. ***All artwork, etc obviously copyright the various creators and or companies, namely Marvel, DC, Boom, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, and so on. I am using these images for review/homage purposes. I have no idea if that covers the copyright, but if anyone wants their art taken down shoot me a message and I will gladly do so. I am just reviewing stuff I dig**** So this week DC officially starts it's Convergence Event, which is exactly like Marvel's Secret Wars, but quirkier grimdarkier n whatever. as with all crossover/reboots some of it is dreadful, some meh, mostly meh, but with a few real gems. which really is all I ask from either Marvel or DC, a few gems among the 'born again&

Review Of It Follows!

Glib Reviews Of New Movies! It Follows - Directed By David Robert Mitchell It Follows is a great example of how you can make a really decent film with little more than a solid concept, some punchy dialogue, over the top mood music, and a few great locations. The movie itself is a wee bit overhyped in my opinion. It is a very good little movie, but I wasn’t quite as blown away as some folks seem to be. There is little that is revolutionary, rather the movie turns a couple of horror tropes on their heads, and tosses in some really good acting from the young actors in the piece.  In the setup, we see a scantily glad young woman running from some unseen (to all but her) force following her. When we get to our heroes, who are tres modern, though often drive cool older cars. Maybe because: Detroit is the setting. Without spoiling things too much, what makes this film so clever is that it turns the teenage sex (if you do it, you die) movie tropes with some nice twists. Whi

Goodreads | Josie Boyce (Vancouver, BC, Canada)'s review of The Magician's Land

Goodreads | Josie Boyce (Vancouver, BC, Canada)'s review of The Magician's Land : 'via Blog this'

THX 1138 review, end of the Solo Film Fest.

Glib Reviews of Old Movies Everything Is Coming Up Zardoz!  Day 6 I finished up my little quirky Sci Fi of the 70’s solo film fest last night with George Lucas’ other Sci Fi movie of the 70’s and actually his best sci fi movie of the 70’s as far as actual film making goes. Yes, that’s right. THX 1138 is  a “better film” than Star Wars. THX 1138 - Directed By George Lucas Like I say above I was really impressed with how well THX 1138 holds up to over 40 years later scrutiny. It may not be quite as capital ‘I’ Iconic as Star Wars (that’s episode 4 to the young people) but its pretty close. The look and the feel of it, have aged really well and the dystopia that is on display is in my opinion more realistic to today’s viewers than those of 1971. Robert Duvall is the title character, a hazardous materials handler in a giant factory, he spends his days putting rods of plutonium into small spaces (think the opening of The Simpsons, like that) and at night he goes home