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RIP Sidney Lumet

RIP Sidney Lumet My top Lumet Films. 1. Network (one of those perfect movies, as fresh or fresher in message and tone since the day it debuted.) 2. Dog Day Afternoon (First off it’s one of the “Cazales” or films with John Cazale which are: Godfather & Godfather 2, Dog Day, The Conversation, and The Deer Hunter. Secondly it’s one of the films that defines the best of that 70’s style of film making. Gritty, socially conscious without being overly preachy, and seriously well performed.) 3. The Pawnbroker (it’s all about “The Steiger”. One of the all time great film performances, easily) 4. 12 Angry Men (perfect casting, tone… again, kind of perfect) 5. Serpico (my sentimental favourite, probably the one I’ve watched the most often, probably 6 or 8 times at least) some under appreciated Lumet gems include: Garbo Talks (1984) is one of the nicest melancholy films about dying that you will ever see. It’s a lovely film. Smart, canny, and somehow melancholy without too much pat