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Glib Reviews of not so Random Movies #1

Drive Angry ... um actually was kind of a hoot. Nic Cage's magic 8 ball script choosing system finally hit on something in his wheel house. Modern Grindhouse, less Machete, more Death Sentence though for certain.  I really enjoyed the cheeky straight ahead no winking at the audience tone of this flick. they slow it down in bits but come back slamming with a Sidek(CH)ick who's nobody's fucktoy, and kicks a lotta douchebag dude ass her ownself. refreshing. any action flick that can forgo the love interest but also have a gunfight fought while never stopping fucking the barmaid from the previous scene in the movie needs to be seen. funny shit. worth a rent

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #11

 I've been super lax with updating this blog, mostly through sheer laziness. So I'm throwing some ready made content out there with some of my glib reviews of random movies from a forum I post on. I haven't actually been doing much in the way of new reviews, lately. I'm tired of the same old whiny rants about how much I suck, can't get my shit together. I don't want to get into political ranting, though I'm extremely disappointed in the 40% of eligible voters who can't see beyond all the fear being spread by the aptly named Cons. (There are no Tories, dead party get over it... do we call the NDP The CCF? No. Cause they ain't the CCF nor is Harper and his pack of goons Tory. Fiscally responsible? Warplanes in this country are the opposite of that. Getting rid of planned parenthood? Yeah why would you want to plan something like parenting? Sad fucking way this country is going. At least the Canucks won, barely. Actually Kesler won. So yeah don'