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First post with my new iPad

so, yeah. I bought an IPad Well I will have bought it in about two months when I've paid off the visa for it. I chose now as opposed to wait two months, saving up. Same difference, gratification, sooner... Win win in my mind. The verdict? It's awesome. I got an ipad2 of course. For once I'm briefly on top of the tech. Usually I'm a few generations of computing behind. The main reason I got this thing though is for doing things like this, sitting on my sofa and blogging, making the little movies I like to make, that kind of thing. Photos. There are a lot of great photo apps. I'm really happy with that. I've only got a few paid apps on it so far. GarageBand, being a bargain at 4.99, iMovie not as robust, but still useful in tandem with some of the cool super8mm apps and so on. I feel inspired using this little machine. I have already made a bit of media, a short corky movie and some experimental pics etc. I don't mind the onscreen keyboard either, though I