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Glib Reviews of Random Movies #7

Ink ... very odd indie kinda sci-fi/fantasy something or other. highly stylized, possibly edited on a laptop, but if you can get past the awkward WTF first 15 minutes or so it starts getting coherent and the various stories become obviously linked. One of those movies that were I in a different mood I may have turned off, but am glad I didn't.  Basically there's a dreamlands story running parallel to an increasingly tragic real life story about a high powered executive who ignores his family and has to learn a lesson the hard alt.timeline way. The villains are uber creepy, the heroes... a bit too second matrix rave people looking,and the rock video editing is somewhat overdone,  but all in all an ok ride. Night Of The Comet ... very fun slightly post apocalyptic movie, with far less zombie action than you'd think based on the cover of the box. But even so, an interesting tale of 80's psychology, and mall grown teens. Has Chakotay in an early role. Forbidden Pla

2010 top ten movies on dvd

My Annual Top Ten movies list of movies most people missed on DVD in 2010 (I noticed on IMDB that most of these flicks are not as highly rated as they should be on IMDB... feh my taste is never in dispute in my mind which really is all that matters :p ) (oh and yes I've reviewed, linked most of these before, but not in a top ten As always my top ten includes a few movies that maybe were in theatres last year, but on DVD this year. I work in a video store so that’s how I catalogue things, by the dvd release. The Headless Woman Directed by Lucretia Martel whose previous two films “Holy Girl” & “La Cienaga” (aka The Swamp) are also genius. She has the most unflinching camera in use today, in many ways. She captures that decadent banality of the class system better than anyone since Bunuel, in my opinion. Headless Woman continues along similar themes, but is less concerned with narrative than the earlier two. She’s stretching with this one, and I’m salivating to see what

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #6

A Colt is My Passport Familiar point of view for a Japanese noir, the hitman as protagonist. This one is good but not great. It's all a bit too low key as it tries hard to straddle that edge between comedy and noir. A truly funny noir is hard to find. This one makes a fair effort, but the actors limit themselves to deadpan. You need Japanese women to be crying more, or it doesn't seem realistic imho. :p) and it falls a bit short of being as cool as it's title. Somehow the story moves quickly, but the actors don't. Special Michael Rapaport, everyone's favourite red headed stepchild, plays a schlub traffic enforcement officer who hangs out at a local comic book store. He signs up for a clinical trial of some prozac-y (it's vague what they are testing) pill, but it has the unexpected side effect of making him think he's gained superpowers. he hasn't. Things get funny before they get sad, so it's all good. Great low low budget fare, well scripted,

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #5

Some more old reviews from my forum. again My opinons may have changed slightly since watching these movies, and maybe they haven't. Walk On The Wild Side by Ed Dmytryk. based on the Algren book of the same name. starring the ever noirtastic Laurence Harvey, Babs Stanwyck, and a young (and most amazingly assed) Jane Fonda as Kitty Twist. Fun, fast paced tale of doomed love. Just like in real life nobody gets any. though they have lots of drama queen fun trying. titles have kitties, and great "hep" music. well crafted fun. Wolverine . Didn't suck nearly as bad as I thought it would. the ending was an anti ending(and one of the most ludicrous set pieces in cinema history), but prequels often can't figure out how to end properly, so I wasn't expecting much. I'm glad there was less Gambit in it than the ads led me to believe. Most contrived annoying X-man ever imho. The Blob was cool. Deadpool will be back obviously. Hopefully in a comedy. A good examp