Glib Reviews of Random Movies #6

A Colt is My Passport

Familiar point of view for a Japanese noir, the hitman as protagonist. This one is good but not great. It's all a bit too low key as it tries hard to straddle that edge between comedy and noir. A truly funny noir is hard to find. This one makes a fair effort, but the actors limit themselves to deadpan. You need Japanese women to be crying more, or it doesn't seem realistic imho. :p) and it falls a bit short of being as cool as it's title. Somehow the story moves quickly, but the actors don't.


Michael Rapaport, everyone's favourite red headed stepchild, plays a schlub traffic enforcement officer who hangs out at a local comic book store. He signs up for a clinical trial of some prozac-y (it's vague what they are testing) pill, but it has the unexpected side effect of making him think he's gained superpowers. he hasn't. Things get funny before they get sad, so it's all good. Great low low budget fare, well scripted, performed in a very self aware goofy way.

Whatever Works

By Woody. Stars Larry David playing an even more unlikable (but somehow likable) asshole than he does on TV who lucks into a relationship with a young naive blonde. Very Olde School Woody without feeling Dated. It's not as good as Vicky Christina Barcelona (which is in the pantheon of great Woodys) but it's a very passable film. I also love that Woody has no need to make 2.5 hour long comedies. Patricia Clarkson is a hoot as the Mom of the gal Larry falls for.

Victoria Day

a nice little Canuck Indie film about a HS hockey player(in 1988 suburban Hogtown) and his odd week he has leading up to Victoria Day. Nice film, well acted by young no name actors, and a clever unsentimental script that makes great use of moody teenage silence in the face of adversity.

Audience of One

is about this small time Pentecost preacher from SF who thinks he's been making a 200 million dollar movie for several years. Funny and sad, but not always in a good way.  Well made doc. But got me thinking that eventually everyone in America will have had a documentary made about them. So start dressing nicer, a film crew may be watching you right now.


by Park Chan Wook of "Oldboy" fame. good offbeat (to put it mildly) vampire tale. A priest gets a blood transfusion after volunteering for medical experiments. the transfusion turns him slowly into a vampire. he slowly comes out of his shell meets some old friends, including a girl who gets his loins hot. Korea is a strange place.


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