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Mega long short review post

Here is a giant stack of my so-called "glib reviews" . I may have changed my mnd on a few of these movies, on contemplation, but these reviews represent my initial gut reactions to said movies. The great thing about movies is seeing them again. I look forward to re-watching at least a few of the following. Pervert's Guide To Cinema   With the vaguely charming in a “Balkan way”: Zizek! as narrator.  Directed by one of those female Fiennesseses. If you want to know what film 101 classes are like but don't want to audit a local class, watch this. Zizek gives interesting but typical and not radical in the least interpretations of Hitch, Tarkovsky, Wachowski Bros, and even George Lucas in one tidbit. It's all cheeky with him in the actual locations of the films he's on about in his very very Freudian (at least he really gets Freud unlike many film crits) anaylsis of Blonde women, erotic impulses, death drives and so on. Very old school &quo

Glib reviews of random DVDs

Went on a movie binge yesterday, watched 3 movies... I've been not watching very many movies in recent weeks, only a few a week... Too much good TV that I've been trying to catch up on, while still doing things in life other than flopping on the couch and watching whatever. First up was: " Island Of Lost Souls " Easily the best adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The Island Of Dr. Moreau." Astonishingly good makeup and special effects. This was obviously an "A Picture" in terms of set and costume as well. Very well done, with no score at all, just a bit of room tone, foley, and the odd bit of dialogue. Especially awesome were Charles Laughton's Super Villain monologues. He was obviously having a good time with the role. Very much a Saturday or Sunday afternoon movie. Super enjoyable. The same cannot be said however for "Underworld: Awakening" (or Underworld 4 if you are keeping count) or maybe They could call it "Tha

Glib Movie Reviews Of Random Movies redux

I haven't been updating this blog, but have started a sister blog on my transition. This blog hopefully I will keep throwing some movie reviews up, and some of my own stuff from the Youtube as well. Some random reviews follow: Big Fan . Patton Oswalt does a DeNiro esque turn in this film that sjows you the real dangers of being a sports fan. Getting beat up by famous athletes. surprising on many levels, especially the depth of Oswalt's performance. great little movie.  Three Monkeys . latest by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Not quite as awesome as my recently reviewed films of his: Climates, and Distance, but well worth seeing if you like slow artsy gorgeously shot fare. I do. Just didn't connect with this one quite as much. A chauffer for a politician does a favor for said politico, comes to regret it as his family gets even more messed up than it already was. Interesting take on mother/son relationships. " Climates ". University Prof and h