Glib reviews of random DVDs

Went on a movie binge yesterday, watched 3 movies... I've been not watching very many movies in recent weeks, only a few a week... Too much good TV that I've been trying to catch up on, while still doing things in life other than flopping on the couch and watching whatever.

First up was: "Island Of Lost Souls" Easily the best adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The Island Of Dr. Moreau." Astonishingly good makeup and special effects. This was obviously an "A Picture" in terms of set and costume as well. Very well done, with no score at all, just a bit of room tone, foley, and the odd bit of dialogue.

Especially awesome were Charles Laughton's Super Villain monologues. He was obviously having a good time with the role. Very much a Saturday or Sunday afternoon movie. Super enjoyable.

The same cannot be said however for "Underworld: Awakening" (or Underworld 4 if you are keeping count) or maybe They could call it "Thanks for the paycheque and the cool raincoat." It's been less than 24 hours since I watched it, and I can barely recall what happened other than some flashes of Kate Beckinsdale wire work.

I'm really not sure why this has a 6.5 rating on imdb, it's barely a movie, let alone part of a franchise. Spoiler: Werewolves are the bad guys again.

I hope the catering was good. Not even campy enough to be fun. Boring.

Finally after a break to level up two of my D&D (Pathfinder) characters, I watched the oft-recommended to me, at work, by those who've seen it: "Poetry"

The film is ably directed by current Korean darling director: Chang-dong Lee
Lee has a great "Peeping Tom" style of film making here in this tale of an often elegantly dressed older lady who looks after her ne'er do well teen grandson, and works as a maid to supplement her income.

Some terrible things happen to this resilient stubborn old lady. The camera never flinches from being on her tail through triumph (actually going to a poetry class she heard about) and tragedy (learning that she has early stage alzheimer's) as she struggles to find some honour, a little joy, kindness in her life.

It's a languorous picture that understands that moments of poetry are fleeting at best. I'm looking forward to going back to check out more of this director's oeuvre.


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