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Boyhood Review.

Glib reviews Of recent DVD Releases Boyhood - Directed by Richard Linklater (Always- Spoilers - it’s a review!) Now here’s a movie with a lot of hype. Some of it is deserved. The gimmick of the film doesn’t spoil the picture, but rather entices you to be interested. Linklater and all his actors met once a year for 12 years  and filmed a part of the story. This gave them a lot of time to get the story right, or make the story seem as innovative as the technique of filming.  Definitely the most interesting parts of the film are in the visual storytelling, the distinct sense you get of what its like to watch someone grow up. Some years, the only way you know it is a year later is that they mention the next grade, or the characters have moved. Kids grow in spurts, thus the next couple of years and boom it all seems in fast motion.  The first half of the film for my money should have been called Familyhood, or something slightly catchier. The main character (Mason) d