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My Book Launch

... is next Friday. At The Prophouse Cafe at 1636 Venables st. Vancouver. The Facebook Page My "Author" FB Page So I'm preparing for that. have some new books ordered in to sell at the show. Also two local legends: Rodney DeCroo & Wyckham Porteous will be opening the evening for me with their own unique brands of wordsmithy. It's going to be a fun gig. I'm pretty excited. And I must confess, a wee bit nervous. I haven't "Read" in a few years. But I've been rehearsing, and most of my old standbys like say "Like Bukowski In Drag" seem to come pretty easily. Muscle memory. Like riding a bicycle. mmm Poetry Bikes. Otherwise, I really do feel like self publishing is the way for me to go, at least at the moment. I live a fairly simple existence: Job/Commitment wise specifically so I can have the downtime needed to write and develop my craft. Am I vigilant in this? Not so much. But I've never been a fast starter

Glib Reviews of Random Movies #10

The Hitchhiker Directed By Ida Lupino should be shown to everyone who ever wants to make a movie on little or no money. Genius little noir that seamlessly mixes noir cliches, homo-erotic subtext, (Interesting that this movie directed by a woman had no women to speak of in the movie) clever editing, guerrilla locations, great lighting and set design to create a real sense of the "malaise upon manhood" that the 2nd world war had wrought... The Villain is almost literally a Steve Ditko drawn villain come to life with his paralyzed eyelid. Steve Ditko meets EA Poe meets Hubert Selby Jr. Quick Change Bill Murray and some other clowns outwit Jason Robards. A gem of a Heist comedy highly enjoyable... nice cameos. Green Lantern: First Flight . An animated feature from DC... These movies might be the best thing DC has going right now. Highly entertaining re-telling of Hal Jordan with Sinestro, Kilowog, the old Jewish Tailor version of the Guardians, and I tell ya what Victor