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NoirFest 2014

Noirfest 2014 So I think this 5 movies over a couple of weeks mini festival thing I am doing works pretty good. I can’t guarantee weekly updates, but at least twice a month. I am also posting these reviews individually, usually right after viewing the films. I want to keep doing some reviewing, and eventually maybe also some book reviews....  I usually do quick reviews on my Goodreads page, so I will figure out how to crosspost those reviews. I am toying with also doing some comic reviews/panels of the week, again. I’m trying to slowly increase my writing output, until it is something I am doing most of the time, eventually finding a way to make it pay whatever meagre pay it can.  But on to my latest mini festival “Noir Fest 2014” I chose 5 noirs that I either hadn’t seen, or hadn’t watched in quite some time. A fairly random group actually. I am trying to decide on my next mini fest genre... I may do an actor (Yul Brynner has been suggested to me) or a director, I d

Buddha’s Rhubarb Redux

Buddha’s Rhubarb Redux It’s a post on my almost Moribund movie/media review/opinion blog. I’m trying to stretch my writing muscles. If I’m going to eventually eke out some kind of meagre living (which is all I’ve ever done in life so why not do so, in a way I enjoy) out of my writing, I need to get my chops back, not just as a fiction writer, or as a memoirist (my Transition Blog) but I need to relearn how to write about Film, TV, Books, and Comics.  These are things I spend my free time enjoying, and well, I love to share my opinion. Which, is all any of my reviews are: my opinion, an opinion that may even change and evolve as the art sits with me for some time, or I re-engage with it and maybe see it from a different angle. Opinions should evolve, especially opinions of art. Spoilers likely, below, but I try not to give too much away. Forgotten Westerns Five westerns I watched recently, some of which I’ve never seen before, and some I’ve seen more than once, but n