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2011 DVD “Best Of“...

or 13 movies that came out on dvd in 2011 that you might not have seen, but really should have. The one thing each of these films has in common is that they each are outside each unique in use of story structure, symbolism, and movie cliches. In my opinion each one has aspects that would turn some viewers off altogether (violence, non linear narrative, or simply no "action". ) In my opinion though they all are interesting takes on familiar genres, stories that work better than any of their more famous cousins being all nominated for things and whatnot. Also ignore the imdb ratings. those people are even less reliable than the dummies on rotten tomatoes. Listen to me. I know what's good :p Maybe.... Down Terrace One of those movies that morphs from family drama to Crime film in all the best "Loachian" manners you could think of. Would make an awesome stage play in fact. The honeyed tones of British crime sing across your brain as the fim twis

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