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More Glib Movie reviews: Mega post

A few more old movie reviews while I mull over my next personal life post. " The Killer Inside Me " Directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Casey "Mumbles" Affleck carrying the momentum of his last few nice roles, here. Great seething performance as a nice guy sociopath deputy sheriff in this very good adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel. some smaller performances are uneven, but Affleck, and Ned Beatty make up for those. Katie Holmes- unrecognizable to me. Jessica Alba has made the successful  transition to hooker with a heart of gold roles in this film. oh, and um ouch. You shouldn't hit girls. It makes me squeamish. " Me & Orson Welles " directed (with workmanlike competence, but not much else) by Richard Linklater. Kind of laborious movie actually wherein Zac Efron plays an emo "I am so entitled" modern youngster who travels back in time to do the second most popular Time travel riff after killing Hitl