Glib Reviews of Random Movies #8

The Karl Malden helmed "Time Limit": starring Richards -Widmark & Baseheart. OK drama about North Korean Prisoners of War and the after affects of their Major, seeming to "go over" to the commies. Turns out he was trying to do the "right thing" but failed. Not enough action in this talky drama.

Dear Zachary -  Doc about an apparently awesome guy who gets murdered by the woman bearing his unborn son. Things get worse for his family from there. heartwrenching and messed up. If you don't think there's evil in the world. Look no further than the shores of Newfoundland.

Filth & Wisdom purportedly directed by Madonna.  It's ok.. has that Gogol Bordello guy in it, giving it a bit of a Borat tinge. Basically he plays himself, (annoyingly talking to the camera occasionally) living with two single gals, has the hots for one, hires himself out between gigs as a role-playing Man-Whore in the funniest sequences in the movie. Richard E. Grant has an oddly blah turn as a blind self loathing poet. The whole thing plays like an 80's brit comedy by Bill Forsythe or someone. worth a larf or two, nothing more. Weirdly (and better for it) Un-ambitious first film for Madge.

The Fountain

by Darin Aronofsky. I heard all these crap reviews, and The customers who dug it were assholes. Yet I was always enticed by the trailers. Turns out I quite liked it. The visuals are stunning in and out of HD. The story is really easy to follow, despite seeming tough in the first part. It all comes together nicely in a very literate way. Almost more of a novel than a film... with the parallel storylines in different times.  Also I thought Jackman & Weisz had really great chemistry. Good romance with trippy visuals. Just what I was in the mood for.

It's Not Me I Swear

Beautifully shot in rural PQ is this great paean to growing in the late 60's early 70's. A young boy's home is "broken" by separation, usual family strife. He does many "bad" things in reaction. most silly, some grave. Great child acting from kids who in a few years will become crappy teen actors. wonderfully dark yet comic realistic portrayal of small town life. Except for everyone speaking french, it echoes my own childhood very closely. Highly recommended.

3 shorts directed by Gondry, (Eternal sunshine...) Carax, (Pola X) & Bong (The Host) that take place in Tokyo. All very different, fairly insane, and yet plausible visions of that city.

Dreams With Sharp Teeth.

fun long long in the making doc about the Last Great American Cranky Man - Harlan Motherfucking Ellison. The best parts are when they just let him rant. You do see some nice bits of Ellison's human side. Great bit when he watches some video of his dad, who died when he was 12 or so.interesting that he's been chums with Gaiman since before Neil even wrote "Sandman" and became "The Neil Gaiman" Both tell some good stories in the extra feature where they eat pizza and yak about Hollywood assholes. oh and there's a clip of a friend of mine getting ripped a new one at a booksigning, for incorrectly using the word "awesome".


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