June's only post so far

Yes as it turns out I'm lazy. No posts in like a month on here. Fairly indicative of how I'm faring lately actually creativity wise; I'm in a bit of a stall. Most of my creative pursuits recently have been Dungeons and Dragons related. Coming up with interactive narrative for my campaign has been fun, and rewarding, but it's just practice for the writing life.

I guess I'm sort of keeping my hand in. But still, still like I have for the the last couple of years, feel like I'm at the crossroads.There's nobody offering me wicked guitar skills for my soul however. Whatever happened to Ralph Macchio anyways?

My biggest news is that I'll be taking a vacation starting in exactly a week from now. I'm flying into The Big Smoke (Toronto for us Canadians) on June 30 and staying until the 18th. I plan to play tourist as much as possible while seeing friends and family who live in the area. My cousin Tina is letting me crash on her sofa most of the time, which I'm very grateful for.

What I realized was weird, or at least struck me as odd is that I've never actually spent any time in Toronto as an adult. I spent a few summers there in High School working for my Uncle Mario. But never explored the city much. I've only ever passed through in my various travels "Back East" from Winnipeg, Vancouver, or Tokyo.

My biggest expectation of any vacation though is simply to spend some time being inspired by old friends/family, reconnecting with them, and seeing some new things, taking some photos. I haven't done a "photo jaunt" in a couple of months. Toronto has some great architecture and sights to see.

I take a lot of pleasure in being able to not have to think about job, daily stresses for a while. we all need the odd time out. I'm taking my for a couple of weeks, soon!.


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