And one month Later

Another post. wow. I keep starting blogs with the best of intentions to keep piling on the content. Goofy pictures, videos I make or like, or pour my guts out, daily. Well that hasn't really happened has it?  Maybe i can redouble my efforts. I can try, but seemingly not much more than that.

Anyhoo. I have actually been pretty busy, having just come back from a vacation in Toronto. I stayed with my cousin Tina , whose awesome and inspiring blog I follow here on blogger.

I really enjoyed my more than two week vacation in Hot Hot Hot Toronto. Killer sunshine, which if you've been to Vancouver recently, you likely missed out on.

Had the Parking Lot Experience on Canada Day, saw/heard really:  Weezer (1st time) and The Hip (13th time).  Partied with many a cousin, over my two weeks in the big smoke. I felt like i got to know a few of them somewhat well as we hung out so much.

Also saw some friends, acquaintances from days of Yore (00s, 90's) Cruised around downtown Trawna, up & down Yonge, etc. I really can't say how much I liked being in a biggish city again (I miss that about Tokyo, the huge City-ness that it has.) It made a big impression on me, did Toronto. Vancouver has it's work cut out for it if it wants me to stay here.

Any "Decisions" are far off...  but I'm thinkin'


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