Comic Fanboy Soapbox #1

 Newsflash: Not only do I watch too many movies, and too much TV, I also still read far too many comic books. If you are interested... here are a few ongoing titles that I'm currently loving.

Comics that are Hot Right Now according to Buddha.

- Alan Moore's Neonomicon

Holy Crap! The first comic to actually really creep me out in a long long time. Cthulu fans jump on board if you haven't already.

- Irredeemable

Has taken a very big & interesting left turn after becoming kind of predictable for a few issues. Nice.


Sister comic to Irredeemable, and a better comic actually with the best anti-hero in a long time anywhere in comics:" Max Damage and his sidekick: Jailbait!
really consistent storytelling and cheek going on here.

- Batman & Robin

Morrison has been having an awesome run with Grayson-Bats and grandson to Ras al Ghul Damian as Robin.
I just hope it keeps pace as Batman has become Tony Stark, a situation I'm leery of. Batman Inc... Jury is still out, it just started.

- Batman Beyond

Nice miniseries that should be a continuing series, does homage to that excellent cartoon. very much fun lighter Bat reading (ooh, by looking for a link at DC I found out it is going to be a new Ongoing!)

- Power Girl

is the new Supergirl (ie mostly lighthearted) It's nice to see some character development for PG beyond her great rack.

The Flash

Barry Allen is back . Classy comics make a return. Barry Allen brings some honor and forthrightness back to the grim post crisis world.

- Superman

JMS obviously recalls what makes Superman interesting: his humanity, not his Superness. I'm really interested to see what he does beyond this setup arc though. Which villains will be returned to their former place in the DC hierarchy.... Supes' villains have not aged well, other than Luthor & Brainiac imho.

Incognito - Bad Influence

Ed Brubaker's awesome Incognito returns with more noirish super stuff.  Zack Overkill is second only to Max damage as my fave protagonist in comics these days.

"The Millar-verse" (yeah I know everyone hates Millar.)

Nemesis, Kick Ass 2, and especially the new Superior have all had great starts. Will he sustain them? I think so if he does like with Kick Ass, and limit the series to single arcs, then move on. Superior especially is making me smile every page.

-Captain America - Patriot

really great I think alt.universe non continuity Cap miniseries that does hella justice to an Iconic character, while adding some interesting modern twists to the mythos

- The Amazing Spider-Man

When they aren't fucking with the continuity (One More Day et al) this series has recently enjoyed some great Spider-friendly art, from newer artists, and has brought some nice new villains into what is already the best Villain stable at Marvel.

- Invincible Iron Man

Quietly the best Stark-ola in ages... nice new direction for the not so lovable alky superhero.

I do read many others every month, but am on the fence about most of them. There's a bit of a glut of similar comics these days. The Avengers are spread far to thin, as are the X-men, though I am enjoying bits of the whole vampires vs. X-men. JLA has been really average with the new creators. Hasn't gelled for me.

end report/


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