Glib Reviews of Random Movies #3

Not so Random edition.

Two quick reviews of two films I've watched this weekend. (vaguely related, both new to DVD this Tuesday)

I’m Still Here. Dir By Casey Affleck.

Joaquin Phoenix forgets to wash or comb his hair for a year or two, also he pretends he’d rather be a drug addled hipster in denial about the numerous Bromances in his life, all the while pretending to be some sort of Vanilla Ice wannabe. Weirdly this works really well as a film somehow. Either it’s almost real or Phoenix, Affleck and their entourage are better actors than I had imagined.  Clever, but in the end it’s still a mockumentary, a form I’m so tired of.

Exit Through The Gift Shop,  by Banksy
 Is really a documentary, and a well thought out doc at that. It follows an OCD (Oh Cei Dei?) Frenchman as he films the entire street art movement, improbably himself ending up one of the most financially successful street artists in the world (AKA Mr. Brainwash) Banksy & and Shepherd Fairey are unironically aghast at MBW’s odd success by the end, but they still like the guy. Highly entertaining and recommended for all.


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