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Okay so I’ve already slacked off a bit on my updating this blog. Sigh… but I have been busy with various distractions: playing 2 different versions of D&D, a 3.5 game and a 2.0 game. Both were fun and well distracting from my getting stuff done. I did over the week however sell all 10 of the copies of my book that I ordered from I have 15 more on the way (at a nice discount from a coupon) and I’m actually ahead a few dollars at this point in the exercise. How many poets can say that?

Anyways I haven’t really spent the week doing much in the way of critical thinking, other than self flagellation over my crappy diet lately. I’ve been far too soft on the snack front, over the halloween period. Though my pumpkin pie consumption this season is way way down from last year. That’s something.  I did come up with this glib ranking of Terry Gilliam Movies:

the Gilliam Scale I use is generally as such, with whimsical variation occasionally depending on my mood.

1. Brazil! (a No Brainer if you know me I think.)
2.(Tie) Baron Munchhausen/Time Bandits ( I double bill this occasionally)
3. Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (which I hated the first time, but now I don't even know why)
4. The Fisher King (grows on me with each viewing )
5. TideLand (a film everyone loathes except me. It's my "Amelie".)
6. Twelve Monkeys (I haven't watched this in a long time because I fear it hasn't aged well. I must brave it soon though I think)
7. Brothers Grimm ( I haven't seen it. It seems unfathomable to me, but I just haven't felt like watching it. More fear!)
8. The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassuss (Is such a disappointing mess that in comes in behind the one I haven't seen :( )

Seeing as it is a bit of a gloss over over Gilliam’s oeuvre (minus the obvious Python stuff which has it’s own scale of awesomeness.) I won’t go into more detail. I like the list format.

Continuing with another list, here are my upcoming creative irons that are simmering in the low fires of my brain as I type this:

    1.    Arthurian Cycle of Poems/Photographs/Art.
    2.    A new edition of my 1st poetry collection: “Like Bukowski In Drag” (also with photos and some new pieces to make it a similarly length to “A Cure For Mirrors”. Like Bukowski…” is my “Leaves Of Grass”?
    3.    A Coffee Table book of some of my better photos from Japan (with some short creative non-fiction based on my experiences in Japan)
    4.    The finishing up and either sending off to “real” publishers or self publishing of at least one of my half finished novels.
    5.    The continual making of video poem versions of various of my own poems, and the occasional famous poem tribute videos

That’s plenty of fish to fry. I’d like to have most if not all of these projects accomplished by January 2012.


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