Glib Reviews of random Movies #1

here are some random and very glib, in general, reviews of recent movies That I've seen. I write these on a forum I chat on, and have always meant to copy them over. As I get better at doing the blogging, I'll have more media than just the reviews and imdb links.

I'm starting slowly with the "content".

Casino Royale 1968 Dir by John Huston, and some studio hacks.

Not nearly as horrible a movie (not great mind you by any stretch) as I had been led to believe. David Niven and Peter Sellers are quite spot on. It lags and sags as if there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and that's exactly it's problem. The story could easily have been truncated and perhaps even a bit more slapstick and it would be an "In Like Flynn/Austin Powers" level of Bond spoof. But alas, it is not. Lots on hot girls in bikinis and minis though, including the oh so young "Jacky" Bisset.

Antichrist - By Lars Von Trier -

synopsis: Lars Von Trier throws a baby out a window.
it's about grief. It's dedicated to Tarkovsky and has many Tarkovskian touches/cliches,  worth seeing I guess,  if you like artsy depression

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

Michael Cera was born specifically to be George Michael and Scott Pilgrim. everything else he's done is just the filling between those roles. Now he needs to go away, develop some scars, come back in his 40s as a character actor.  the movie itself was cool in a hipsterish kind of way, so uncool, actually. I liked everything that went on. it was fun, but I don't think it has legs for more viewings. I enjoyed it, but there was some soul missing (that is also missing in the comic) or whatever, and stuff.

La Cienaga (the Swamp) dir by Lucretia Martel.

Martel's first film, (She directed one of my recent faves "The Headless Woman) ... I hadn't realized that she also directed this and "The Holy Girl"; both of which have been recommended to me over the years. I'm glad to be getting to them now though. Genius film making imho. She's (Martel) like Bunuel without the surrealism. Her films really lovingly flambe the structures of class and family in delightful ways. In La Cienaga we are introduced to a sprawling family of drunkards and their children who mostly spend their time cleaning up the horrors their parents inflict on everyone. The opening few minutes of La Cienaga are a beautiful tableaux of ruin.

Machine Gun McCain
... silly movie with John Casavettes as the title character. Lots of great atmosphere in the on location 2nd unit stuff in SF & Vegas. Old Vegas rocks! Also has Peter Falk as a Mafia Don who's getting too big for his britches, Britt Eklund and a nice cameo from Gena Rowlands. It's too bad all the sound was dubbed later, as it lacks the urgency it should have with the dubbed dialogue, and fake room tone. Good movie to have on while reading comic books.


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