Knights Of Badassdom, my review.

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Before I do my next Mini-film fest, (Swashbucklers) starting Monday, I am having a new release Nerd fest. Movies about gamers have a tiny niche in the quick to video world of modern indie cinema. My favourite is the film “The Wild Hunt” an indie film from Quebec a few years ago. It was funny, serious, and a bit of a kitchen sink drama. Hidden Gem, it is. 

On Saturday I plan to watch Zero Charisma, and will have a review of that, Sunday morning, or I may watch The Desolation of Smaug, and watch Zero Charisma, on Sunday. Either way, those two movies, and a third - The Knights Of Badassdom, make a little mini-D&D-esque movie weekend, punctuated by my afternoon Sunday actually playing in a tabletop RPG.

My game logs for that game can be found on my RPG/FIC blog. My character’s name is Rosie Ramses.

But on to the movie which was much more likeable than I thought it would be. A decent Nerd Comedy.

Knights Of Badassdom.

Unlike a lot of the reviewers on IMDB, my expectations for this film starring Summer Glau, Nerd goddess of the last 10 years, other actors in roles of various sizes from True Blood (Ryan Kwantlen Game Of Thrones Peter Dinklage,  Treme (Steve Zahn), Community (Danny Pudi), and cameos from Brian Posehn, and others. It’s a dorky stupid movie, that likely doesn’t echo LARPing perfectly, especially since the LARPers in question have a real Spellbook, and summon a real succubus to their weekend of Live Action Role Playing.

What’s the worst that could happen? well not to spoil it but of course people die. I laughed out loud fairly often watching this cheeky little movie, that has a naive romance at it’s centre, but more importantly friendship and real camaraderie is found by the surviving LARPers. No great shakes as a piece of cinema, but kind of the movie you and your friends who LARP keep saying you are going to make. For me, also standout performances from Dinklage as a shroom eating two sworded Knight, and Jimmi Simpson, who’s been in lots of stuff like It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia, really shines as the nerdier than the starring nerds, Game Master, Ronnie Kwok.

He really nails the whole nerdy upbringing that has you still out in the woods fighting with foam swords on the weekends, at 30 something.

Light, entertaining fun, but not exactly Shakespeare. Which is kind of the point.

7.342 Death Metal songs that work just like Enochian Chanting outta 10


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