Glib Reviews Of Vaguely Recent DVD Releases Man Of Tai Chi

Glib Reviews Of Vaguely Recent DVD Releases

- Directed By Keanu Reeves

Keanu took a break from being an internet meme and directed a very old school martial arts picture, with some nice modern plot points to keep it fresh. It’s no “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” though there is a bit of wire work, and the main character is named Tiger.

Keanu sets us up right away with the knowledge that he is the Big Bad in this movie, as he dons a Dr. Doom mask and kills two people himself in the first few minutes of the picture. Keanu is a Super Villain on a mission for high ratings. Tiger Chen, who is a floppy haired underdog, delivery boy and almost a Tai Chi Master gets Really Really Ultimate Secret Fight Club Billionaire really excited when he uses his almost non violent tai Chi moves to win a competition in Beijing.

The narrative twists nicely between Tiger figuring out how to weave his Tai Chi around a gazillion different styles of Martial arts, the tough Hong Kong Ponytailed Detective who is always one step behind Keanu, and Keanu’s brooding monosyllabic manipulations of everyone. Nice cheeseball soundtrack also helps with the old school kung fu movie vibe.

Nice subplots that don’t dawdle, include saving the monastery, getting that office lady to notice you are flirting with her, and, Keanu staring at things and speaking very Hemingway-esque dialogue about the corruption of innocence. In the end, goodness sort of wins out over evil, which really shouldn’t be a spoiler. Pretty decent Martial Arts Movie and Keanu gets to be Agent Smith, kinda sorta. 

6.999 slap fights with an old man in pyjamas who you call Master outta 10


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