Last Days On Mars Review

Glib Review of vaguely new release DVDs

- Directed by Ruairi Robinson

I’m really glad that there are so many Sci Fi movies getting made these days, speaking as a big fan of all (well maybe not 'all') things Sci Fi (and Fantasy) ... I just wish that more of them lived up to their potential. The thematically similar recent Europa Report does a better job despite using the so hackneyed found footage trope. 

There are no such conceits in this gritty thriller that wants to be an Alien, The Thing kind of movie. Bacterial life is found, and what could possibly go wrong. There are some good characters in this film, and the premise is solid if predictable. There’s not anything wrong with predictable, if it is done with style. 

Last days On Mars has some style, but not enough to keep it from making me almost nod off occasionally. I especially enjoyed Olivia Williams playing the Ice Queen Scientist as well as we all know she can. The ending, not to spoil it, I think that was the thing that could have turned it around for me, but you are left kind of hanging and nonplussed with the non ending. Usually this works for me, but in this picture, it was just, well, okay, I guess so.

The FX and the grittiness, decent acting make up for most of the flaws, but I can’t rate it very highly, middling at best.

5.4786 Kalahari sized dust storms coming out of nowhere as you notice that hole in your spacesuits outta 10


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