seeing light ahead, maybe

looking for the right fit for doing a Print On Demand thing has led me to sign up on

they have (cross platform even) a nice little imposition editor that you can download for free to get your document to fit their specs. You can use your own cover images etc.... and the price is competitive. So I'm re-editing for the next week or so, taking out some weaker pieces and actually bulking the book up a bit with some poems I think share more of a tone, though not content. There's a real melange of themes and ideas, which if you know me is pretty much how I roll. :p

Seriously, I do prefer that kind of book, maybe a few loosely connected poems, or a really long poem or two, but mostly different topics, styles almost every page. It reflects who I am as a writer more. I'm sure I will do more singly themed books in the future as I'm already planning a future chapbook of my Arthurian Cycle. I think that one though will also be a bit of a photo book as well. But more than that I can't yet say, as I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Thing is I've got this book up to 70 pages now (I'm using the smallest cheapest book format they have, though I'm going to mock up a more trade paperback looking one and compare costs.

So much work being a self publisher, even when you aren't doing the actual printing. But It makes me feel good to have some focus most days. I needed to jump into a project of some kind, something with some kind future possibilities, and to me the cheaper and easier it gets for me to self publish, I think the more I will do as much as I have time and money for.

At least that is the plan. I want to see this one book through, how well I can hawk it is another thing altogether, and how fast I sell them will determine how quickly I get to the next one. I actually don't really care anymore whether Anvil even looks at my manuscript.

(I sent in a Ms and a query as to they would be interested in my stuff... I have no idea really if it is what they are looking for. I just sent in as many pages that I love as they asked for and hope for the best, but I won't hear yea/nae the latter being the likeliest, as you have to be prepared to be rejected regardless of how good or bad your stuff is.)

It'd be nice to have if I want to start granting to get work, but I think either way I want to try to do at the very least one self published chapbook a year. Eventually maybe even getting my shit together to self-publish one of my barely started great Canadian novels I have on file.

sigh. I hope I can keep the momentum going Ganbatte!


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