Another Stab at regular blogging

Okay so I'm going to start updating this blog with the odd rant, essay, story, poem, short film, and/or the usual goofy links from the Internets that I run across in my daily surfing excursions.

Sometimes these rants etc may be of a personal TMI kind of thing, sometimes they may be quirky half assed opinions on things happening in the world, or reviews, opinions slightly less than half assed film, TV, music & pop culture reviews/rants etc.

Whatever it is though that I'm regurgitating on here, I hope will be regularly done, actually. I need to develop more discipline in my artistic endeavors. Eventually I'd like to be filing one "Report" daily, whether it's a new poem, movie review, intellectually bereft, but impassioned screed on some topic I only vaguely understand, or something else.

I think I'll start with a poem, one that I wrote fairly recently and thus is likely unfinished, as I tend to keep editing poems forever, like Walt Whitman (one of my personal heroes if you are looking for further insight into me) I don't see why even after publication, if the poem needs it. Not all do.

Anyhow it's a piece about innocent flirtation, the kind where nothing more than the flirting is important, there is nothing beyond it, at least for me. I enjoy light flirtation as a way to build self-confidence without other overarching concerns about umm "relationships" and all the baggage that comes with expectation from the mating dance. Sometimes (most times for me) the dance is enough to keep me happy. I don't really need more. Someday I might though, I have an open mind.

Flirting With The Girl

every time those milky

tiny fingers


curl into psalms

seductive pouting




on those lips

crackles of combustion

knead my eyes

up in to

fleshy electric apple



trip & hammer

my blush of

a heart

as we struggle

not to giggle



instead talk

& tease each other's


that we are caught




this clattering of

clever tongues

and shy silent glances

that blind and bind

our voices in knots

that will

never be

entangled in those

tiny fingers

© 2010 Joe Boyce Burgess


  1. Welcome back cuz :) I like the poem and even more so your interpretation. I'm with you, the dance is enough to keep me happy too :)


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