A Cure For Mirrors?

Another update.

I'm planning on publishing a chapbook that includes a series of poems I wrote based on a suite of classical music, some random Haiku, the first third of my very own Arthurian Cycle, and at least one biblically inspired (if heretical) inspired piece.

It just might be called "A Cure For Mirrors".... Tentative title from one of the poems. Figuring out the how to finance on my very limited budget is what I've been concentrating on all morning. It looks at first glance that my idea of doing Print On Demand is a no go, mostly because of the prohibitive pricing, and distro options (most bookstores pretend these kinds of books don't exist) and lack of being able to do the book exactly how I want to.

I looked into a local "Espresso Book Publishing Machine over at Oscar's Books on Granville. Too steep again, they've raised their prices since my initial inquiry in the summer, also my chapbook is too short for many of these options. I do also plan on making an E-book of it, perhaps through these guys: http://www.smashwords.com/ They also do the NaNoWriMo which was great fun last year.

I guess what I may to is go to a local print shop (Kinko's -ish) and print off a bunch of covers, and do the interiors myself using a nice little imposition applescript I found that seems to work pretty well. Though it may well be cheaper to print the interior at a copy shop also. Ink is expensive and my printer while sturdy is just an ink-jet.

Buying a laser printer would be a decent investment for future projects. But as I say money is limited. I do want to not stall out on this yet again though. Like my first chapbook, I've been saying I'm going to do this one for a few years now.

I have a bit more actual editing to do, and some tightening up of the technical stuff as well as creating an eye catching cover. I plan to have the content ready in a week or so in terms of little tweaks to pieces that I want to include. It seems like a lot of work, and it is. But I feel like I will be rewarded in these efforts simply by making them. No sane person expects anything out of their chapbook publishing getting your work seen by at least a few fans of poetry.

Also tentatively lined up is my launch, sometime in Nov, Dec, or Jan. depending on how long it takes me to get this done. Some special guests will be there, and I plan to make a fun event out of it, whenever it finally happens.


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