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- Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Birdman is easily the most ‘Meta’ movie I have seen in a long time. And, not just because of the obvious Michael Keaton Birdman/Batman thing. Birdman is also a “behind the scenes theatre movie,” the likes of which we maybe haven’t seen since Peter Bogdanvich’s only great movie since the 70’s: Noises Off. The constantly moving camera didn’t for me give that illusion of one ling take; that everyone talks about, it was something I knew going in, and dispensed with right away. 

It’s a gimmick that works, in my opinion, as the camera movement required to pull off that trick, really was more about keeping the story in view, less than saying it’s all one movement, because it’s not. It's several moments, linked together by a faux dolly shot that never ends, until it does on Riggen’s daughter Sam’s face. I saw the Dolly shot POV as ‘Birdman’s POV from frame one. 
Outside and invisible except to Riggen. The only time I lost my glee in following around the story was towards the end, the hospital stuff seemed necessary by the end, but getting there was staccato and and not as easy to flow with as the first two acts of the movie/play.

You kind of have to know how it ends well beforehand I think. I was pulling for a Hardcore logo ending, which isn’t what we got, not to spoil it too much. I am a bit torn on the actual ending, as it invoked how much I liked the theatrical release ending of Brazil, despite it’s tacked onness. 

Oh and I cannot say enough about all the actors in this. Keaton hasn’t been this good since ‘Clean & Sober’ as far as I am concerned. Home run. Well deserved awards season for him. Edward Norton also kills playing a petulant man/boy version of the serious actor who looks a lot like serious actor Edward Norton. Emma Stone also brings the petulance, en large and has real chemistry with both Norton, and Keaton. Naomi watts and Amy Ryan classed up the whole joint, as they masterfully portrayed being en-wived to man/boy actors, with or without secret superpowers. Zach Galifinakis also holds his own with all the talent hopping around onscreen.

I want to re-watch this movie sooner than later, though maybe not before discussing it with people who love/hate/are indifferent to it. 

8.23456 middle aged actors getting locked out of their dressing rooms in nothing 

but their tightey whities.


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