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I went to a Friends house for a birthday celebration afternoon of watching funny Zombie Movies. 

 - Directed By Tommy Wirkola

Dead Snow, a film I had convinced myself I had seen, from having seen the trailer so often, and had customers assuming I had seen it, had gone over the story and it’s many gory, funny, gory & funny moments. But looking through my old reviews I realized I hadn’t actually watched it.

I’m glad I realized it as I watched it yesterday, along with the sequel Dead Snow 2 Red Vs. Dead. Which is the Empire, or Evil Dead 2, perhaps more obviously of however many sequels of this series end up getting made. It really is. But the first one occupies slightly gruesomer, but just as darkly funny a space as that other great Norwegian Horror Comedy: Trollhunter.

Dead Snow starts off with that cliched horror movie trope of the young students on school break (30 year old Medical interns, who are not all “hollywood” beautiful, any of them really, subverting the trope somewhat) going to a remote cabin, with no phone service. The gal who own the cabin is hiking there on her own, being the sportiest of the gang. The movie buff of the gang (the fat guy) makes reference to their status were they in a horror movie, and all laugh along. Ha ha ha, what’s the worst that could happen.

Something horrible happens to the girl alone, not much of a spoiler, I mean they are self aware of the horror movie, kind of. All the tropes get used, as they hook up, and act very oddly inappropriate and sometimes creepy with each other. Darkness fall, and the zombies come. The blonde who has sex does she go first? whaddya think, maybe. The zombies are really really into entrails and crotch grabbing, biting. the gore is like live actionItchy and Scratchy from “The Simpsons”. The movie only breaks genre in that these zombies who turn out to be cursed nazi Zombies don’t play by the movie rules very often.

The first Dead Snow plays with the conventions of your zombie movie with a reverent irreverence, whereas the sequel Dead snow 2 Red Vs. Dead should garner a lot of comparisons to the evil dead 2, though it is less of a remake of the first one as it is a continuation of  the story of the first one. I am going to glibly reference the Godfather parts 1 and 2 here. as having watched these two movies back to back, I doubt then whenever i re watch them, like GF 1 & 2, i will have to watch them both, but maybe no further sequels. There is definitely a hilarious post credits scene that leads me believe there will be a Dead snow 3 with a shorter gap of time between movies.

Dead snow 2 has a bigger budget, a far bigger cast and is a more ambitious and even more cartoonishly, garishly gruesome than its predecessor. Not to spoil too much, but tool using zombies change the whole game. Also Zombie Squad. Wait for it. So over the top ridiculous and gory that it makes the first one look like a quiet talkie art film next to it.  I am not going to spoil the plot, but the title might hint to you that the Zombies end up battling Soviet Zombies, and they do. More entrails than ever. 

As a trans woman, I had a bit of weird discomfort sitting in a room of cis gendered men, watching so many dicks being bitten off jokes. But it was passing, as the whole thing speeds along at a great pace of comedy and gross out horror. 

Definitely the best zombie movies I have seen (as a non zombie movie fan, really) maybe since the easy to compare to Evil Dead series.

Dead Snow & Dead Snow 2 both get

8.99999 times you have to watch your entrails being tied to a truck bumper by a Nazi Zombie outta 10


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