My Review of Filth, the movie that wasn't that filthy after all. just predictable.

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- Directed By Jon S. Baird

Filth is one of the few Irvine Welsh books I haven’t read. But I feel like it is safe to say the  book has a bit more visceral “filth” than the movie, which tries (and doesn't quite do it) to capture the frenetic yakkety yak and horrorshow stuff that usually fills up a Welsh novel, and hopefully the movie adaptation.

Trainspotting for example is a great adaptation, but strays further from the source material. ( as I said I haven’t read Filth, but other reviews seems to say that this flick doesn’t stray so far in terms of the story. If that’s true: then, it’s too bad.) There is very little flare, guts to this supposed depravity. It's to my mind, a pg 13 version of an Irvine Welsh novel. But then again so was Trainspotting, actually. So maybe I am being too critical. Like a friend of mine said in his review, the movie pulls it’s punches more than revels in its depravity, as the book no doubt does.

All the tropes are there to make for a good Cop going round the bend, crossing the line etc, kind of flick, but none of the supporting characters, save his “best mate” who he treats like dirt have quite enough screen time to really grab hold of the types they are playing. McAvoy is ‘givin’ ‘er,’ but it is not enough. The beats are all predictable in an eye rolling way. Especially from my point of view, the Transphobic bits at the end. The only way anyone is a cross dresser, or Trans* in movies like this is always the same: they are insane. Sigh. The climax was a CSI (some of the most transphobic characters in TV or anywhere, all on that show) level cliche, with a “dark ending” that left me wanting to spit.

It had potential, and some great actors, all of whom except the lead James McAvoy weren’t much more than plot devices. The pace was weird and it was very paint by numbers as far as the Direction went. Almost a pilot for a horrid Scottish Cop show. Meh.

4.555  transparently expositional, racist, sexist rants that have no weight and no teeth outta 10


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