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- Directed By Marc Webb

What an odd movie is The Amazing Spider-man 2, for my money, as bleak as Man Of Steel. It has all the elements for the retelling of a seminal Spider-Man story, a superhero trope that in the comics Spider-man pretty much invented, and that Daredevil perfected. That super-dude kryptonite of not ever being able to save your girlfriend from who you are. I’m talking, yes Spoilers, indeed, Gwen Stacy: Spidey’s Karen Page. or vice versa.

This “Death of Gwen stacy Storyline” storyline is one of the very first that I remember being gripped by as a kid reading every comic I could find. It was the most adult thing I had read, and well, I deeply grokked Peter Parker’s sense of responsibility for things that are not his fault, but... One of the biggest character building arcs in Spider-history, Uncle Ben looms large in the comic, but not as much in the film.

But this version of that iconic comic book story mutes Uncle Ben in favour of building up old Dad instead. I don’t mind revisionism to characters it's inevitable. But this relationship  visa vie editing and flashbacks with his dad softens the Parker Pathos too much. It’s too much... He needs to truly be alone, despite Aunt May, who I liked with sally Field in the role more than I thought I would. Some clunky hokum, Field can do that. And make you like it. 

The weird pace and clunky dad sideline really throw a movie that had lots of great if a bit too cgi reliant action and fun characters. Maybe it is supposed to be that Harry is like Evil Peter from the 3rd movie? I laughed every time he was on screen, that hair. I liked Harry’s insanity, and a hint of Felicia Hardy maybe, and the buildup of the Sinister Six stuff, for the next movie. That I think is a good idea, still a Spidey movie, but from the villains POV? it's time for that!

KInd of entertaining, but too slick and mopey for its own good. Like the first ASM, lacking too much for the sake of style, and misguided need to ‘origin story’ constantly. The actors were fine. clunky clunky

6.11111 3 minute chase scenes that are only visually interesting in 3-D outta 10


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