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-Directed By Terry Gilliam

It’s a crying shame that Gilliam’s latest and most “Brazil-esque” movie in decades isn’t getting a theatrical release in Canada. I hope it does some art house or second run, it’s a shame that I didn’t get a chance to see this sumptuous cinematography and sound on the big screen. 

Am I saying it was a great film? Maybe; I definitely think it bears a second or third viewing to decide, really. There is a lot going on in between some of the best performances you will see all year. Christoph Waltz is as Oscar worthy as he usually is. Great performance of neurosis trapped in a hyper neurotic world. His character basically plays Minecraft with mathematical equations for a living. His manic portrayal of the loneliest man who ever lived in an old church, lovingly spoons with the note perfect middle manager, shift supervisor, professional wash out, ever so perfectly turned by David Thewliss. Matt Damon offers a great absurdist take on being named “Management” and wearing suits that match the furniture perfectly.

The film delves into a plethora of existential meandering, but never gets mired in it long enough to put you off (as far as I was concerned anyway.) Not to spoil it, but the ending, I think is the one Gilliam wanted, and even if the picture gets stiffed on awards, theatrical releases, like all Gilliam’s pictures, it will be remembered on whatever mediums people can have at home. Despite all the hopelessness, and black holes, I found myself uplifted and warmed byt the ending that likely kept it from playing so wide. Dark, but hopeful: Me, that’s all I ask, a teeny bit of ambiguity is a good thing. There is also a hooker with a heart of gold, who is not really a hooker, nor has an unbreakable heart.

I will be re-watching this one sooner, than later; existentially exciting thing that it is.

8.99999 singing pizza boxes delivered to Minecraft playing mathematicians outta 10


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