This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

Some Panels From Doom Patrol #1, The JLA: Cry For Justice Mini, (By James Robinson et al...*wistful sigh of joy*)

Spidey 601, A run which I have many quibbles, but am enjoying for the most part. Hurryups on the MJ coming back plz!

Any JLA that's referencing Bukowski on the Opening splash page has my attention.

A decent week for comics. Also recommended:

Irredeemable #5
Wednesday Comics #4 (best marketing ploy in years by any comics co.)

Absolution #1 Decent start, interesting quirky powers from the lead character. clever use of the "registered heroes" meme.

Hangman (red circle) #1 JMS does it again... interesting spin on those old Archie heroes it seems.

I'm actually enjoying some of the more over the top "dark Reign" titles, but I can't wait for Marvel to go back to a semblance of normal 616-ness.

Comic Nerd Transmission endeth...........


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