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Review of 'the Lobster'

Glib Reviews of Movies people have been telling me to watch all year.

The Lobster
- Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Since this came out like a year or so ago, everyone who has seen it, and knows me has been telling me how much I would like it. Thus as a master Contrarian, I haven't been arsed to watch it. Really just have not been in the mood for it, or something. But after watching the Super Hero filled Captain America the night before, I needed an art film palate cleanser.

The Lobster was as tasty as an actual lobster. I'm a pretty big fan of director Yorgos Lanthimos' previous film Dogtooth, which was one of those pictures where the absurdity is what is riveting, it real but it's not, it's mundane but it's not. Like the best Fassbinder films, this film is about nothing, sort of.... a middle aged guy whose wife leaves him, and because of the particular dystopian society he lives in, he's forced to go live in a hotel an find a new partner. If he doesn't …

Movie Review of Captain America: Civil War

Glib reviews of movies finally on the Netflix

Captain America: Civil War
- Directed by the Russo Bros.

Now this is an Avengers movie. Everyone is petty, even when they are owning up to civ casualtiesYes it's a very paint by numbers but extremely well paced comic book story, that makes the most of it's two and a half hour running time. The Story would be over in two issues of a comic, maybe three or four with certain modern writers more prone to giving their artists quirky dialogue and sex jokes than punchy punchy scenes.

So much punchy punchy in this movie, and better choreographed than most super-movies, with the jump cuts that make the fighting seem fake (ask Jackie Chan about this, wide shots are best for good solid action that makes people wince in pain. jump cuts just scare you.) Any who, like all good comic book team ups, the heroes spend most of their time either having a punchy misunderstanding, or they are tricked by a villain. this movie has both. Most of the heroes get…

Three words: Vikings On Skis!

Glib Reviews of movies recently available on Netflix (and other sources most likely)

The Last King
- Directed by Nils Gaup

Are ancient Norwegians technically Vikings? I don't know or care. As far as I am concerned these fur and armour wearing bros who look like Thor, Loki, or Odin, are Vikings.

Ahem... indeed, they are 'Vikings on Skis'. I am tempted to stop the review there, because what more impetus to watch this fast moving generic plotted but with awesome Vikings on Skis. In typical fashion with these sorts of historical action thingies, the King is killed. everyone thinks it a blonde haired ambitious (Marvel's Thor) Thor type Earl, but it turns out to be his evil Loki haired (aka Tom Hiddleston-y looks) bro. Anyhoo, the real evil guys are of course the church bros. Hint: you know the Bishop is evil when he demand that you being him the head of a baby.

I don't see these points as spoilers, just fun things to watch out for. Have I mentioned the Vikings on Skis!…

Review of The Girl With All the Gifts

Glib Reviews of New Movies
The Girl With All the Gifts - Directed by Colm McCarthy
What a refreshing zombie movie is not something I have ever considered writing or saying before. But this film merits that ‘accolade.’ From a novel & screenplay of the same name by a writer whose comic book writing I dig very much, Mike Carey. (he wrote the great Vertigo comic Lucifer which is an okay tv show at the moment, but was a glorious comic book) 
Director McCarthy sets a really good pace, the music is over the top, but well suited. There are lots of frightening and uncomfortable moments in this film, before anything even really happens. The zombie-fied world presented without too much long winded exposition is kind of unique as it look s past just oh look infected zombie horde. Also fast zombies are the best zombies.
The acting is pretty top notch, especially from the young lead, Sennia Nanua, and Glenn Close looking rather like a slightly younger Dame Judy Dench, and being maybe the toughest ch…

Deadpool review

Glib Reviews of Movies on the Netflix

Deadpool  - Directed by Tim Miller
The very first movie I have watched on Netflix in 6 months.....You know given that I’m such a big superhero comics nerd, you’d think all the super-movies out there would thrill me. They are okay. And occasionally they are good, sometimes not very good at all. But I’d say we have enough in this recent wave of them to say the average is pretty average, really.
I enjoy watching them, even the crappy ones just because they are my comic books sort of come to life. But mostly I’m disappointed when they aren’t animated. I like comics because of the form more than anything. Graphic narrative storytelling aka comics have always been my first love, go to media to entertain myself. Something about real life versions of super folks though irritates me. Is it the cheesy dialogue? I read and love lots of comics with cheesy dialogue. Really, for me each comic book (or graphic novel) whatever the style of dialogue, good or bad has…

Double Post from going to the Movie theatre

Glib Reviews of Recent movies (and not so recent)
Major! - Directed by Annalise Ophelian
In the last few days I actually got my butt out to see a couple of films, that couldn’t have been more different, but were both quite satisfying in their own ways. It’s summer, and festival season. Right now there’s the Queer Film Festival, aka Out On Screen, as well as one of my favourite local cinematheque yearly series, their Film Noir series.
On Thursday after work I wandered down to the getting slightly easier to find SFU Goldcorp Theatre at SFU Woodward’s on Hastings Street, for the Vancouver Queer Film Fest presentation of ‘Major!’ A wonderfully uncliched in structure and tropes documentary about the legendary trans icon and elder, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. Known mostly as Miss Major, or Mama, or Grandma to those in the community she has known, loved and helped. Mostly she has spent her life helping others. From being a den mother to young trans, and queer folks for decades to the last 15-20 …

Bone Tomahawk Reviewed

Glib reviews of recent-ish DVD and/or Blurays
Bone Tomahawk
This is one weird movie, or really maybe it’s two weird movies or three. Weird western definitely, of the more bookish Jonah Hex kind of tales. Not the movie, the 70’s version of the Comics is my touchstone. Ol’ Jonah was grizzled as heck and dealt occasionally with some spookier creepier western elements, in a very pulp western type of way.
The first few minutes of the film were all about Sid Haig’s ode to Slim Pickens in his portrayal of a deeply cynical murderer and brigand who stumbles across into a burial ground and horrors unseen but seared in your brain in a very verite styled opening. Maybe there are a few short films in this movie that I like more, the more I write about it, defomitely more than when I sat down, to give it a middlin’ review, but thinking about it in review as opposed to the more visceral vibe of right after the movie ends, literally with a thud.
If you are a fan of slow moving westerns that deconstru…

I Finally review Star Wars VII ( a few spoilers in review.)

Glib Reviews of recent DVDs and Blu Rays.
Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens - Directed by JJ Abrams
I might be the only person I know who didn’t see this in the theatre, at least of those I know interested in it. Not everyone is a Star wars fan. Anyway, for vague lazy reasons, I never bothered seeing this in the theatre. And I probably still could, despite it being on disc/streaming already, it’s still playing in theatres here and there I think.
While I enjoyed it quite a bit, I found my expectation that most of my enjoyment would come mostly from nostalgia, (something you can’t underestimate in terms of cinematic pleasure;) to not quite be the case. A film that reminds (in a good way) of other films that energized and inspired you goes a long way to a positive review. I was more interested in the new characters, and the fact they fit the vibe of Star Wars whilst being actors of a far greater calibre actors than the old fogeys in this episode who in my opinion, really phoned it in.
The ch…

Entourage the movie? almost a movie, I guess.

Glib Reviews of DVDs and Blu Rays
Entourage (the movie) - Directed by Doug Ellin.
Wow, this is a show whose humour has not aged nearly as well as it’s cast might have in real life. I had no idea that this had been made, until it hit dvd, months ago. I have avoided it because the show itself had already run out of gas when it ended a few years ago. It ended right around the time I started transitioning from male to female. Why is this relevant? Well, simply as a parallel to the decline of my patience for sexist backslapping bro-humour mirroring a concept that hasn’t aged well in my eyes, nor I think in general, like me pretending to be male.  The coincidental timing really struck home as the movie started. 
I think back when the show first aired, I was still trying so hard to be a bro, zinging my bro-pals in those cliched sexist ways. it was fun, or seemed to be fun that I could be a part of. slagging your own masculinity, or that of others was such a huge part of humour among male frien…

Two Movie Reviews from surprisingly good but icky movies

Glib Reviews Of Recent DVD Releases
Matinee Double Feature Edition, kind of.
I recently watched a couple of DVDs based on the recommendation of one of my former co-workers from my video store days, which ended in 2014, but seem like ages ago somehow. Both films were pretty disturbing, and despite the very big differences in style and sensibility, had the same kind of message, that ‘regular’ people do very bad things sometimes, and sometimes they pay a karmic price, but sometimes not at all.
Nasty Baby - Directed by Sebastian Silva
An interesting double bill, which in my case means I watched one of these each over two afternoons. It’s been ages since I did an afternoon movie watch, let alone two days in a row.
Nasty Baby came first, directed and starring Sebastian Silva as a queer artist named Freddy living with his boyfriend Mo in what seems to be Brooklyn. He has some pretentious video art installation ideas using adult babies. All the characters are intriguing and odd, including Kristen…

Mississippi Grind Review!

Glib Reviews of Recent DVD/Blu Ray releases
Mississippi Grind Directed by Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck
Decent buddy flick/road picture from directorial tandem of Fleck and Boden. Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds have some real bro-chemistry, as an older/younger gambling team. Mendelsohn’s Gerry really personifies someone who rarely knows when to quit while he’s ahead. His desperation and addiction to one more hand, one more dice roll, is palpable in pretty much every decision the character makes. Why Reynolds’ obnoxiously charismatic Curtis gloms onto Gerry as much as Gerry gloms on to him, is a bit more of a mystery, that is perhaps simply, their chemistry. He seems to like hanging out with Gerry, as much as anything, but both characters are self destructive and complete committment-phobes.
There is a dynamite Blues soundtrack, and the montages of neon and nightlife from cities along the road from Iowa to New Orleans are well done, if a bit touristy. I really dug the more complicated tha…

Review of Tangerine!

Glib Reviews Of Recent DVD Releases
Tangerine - Directed By Sean Baker
Tangerine is one of those films that ‘feels like’ it was shot chronologically. The first few scenes are a bit rough, the acting is a bit iffy, but as the characters of Sin-Dee and Alexandra walk endlessly through their drama filled Christmas Eve Day in L.A. The picture gets more gripping, the cinematography, the acting and the script all get better, more polished in a low budget way. The locations give a nice grimy seventies feel to the whole thing. Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is especially unlikeable at the beginning of the film, her single mindedness in finding her pimp/boyfriend and the girl he ‘cheated on her’ with while she was doing a month in jail, is not terribly nuanced. The buffer of the her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor) trying to keep her from all the drama she is creating, while trying to hustle tickets for a show she is doing that night keeps the whole thing from being one note.
The cinematograp…

Review of The Revenant

Glib Reviews of Recent Movies.
The Revenant  - Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
Like Iñárritu’s last film, “Birdman,” I was sucked in early, then spit out just before the ending. I feel like going back and seeing if his early films fail me in the third act as much as his last few. The film as a whole was quite good, cinematically, the actors were amazing if occasionally too mannered. I mean maybe Tom Hardy’s incoherent mumbling was supposed to be incoherent? Even if that is so; it still took away from an interesting character’s arc.  The cinematography, as usual in Iñárritu’s pictures is astounding. Though, I found the Argentinian shot scenes a bit jarring with the much more haunted looking forests than the stuff done in the Rockies, that was supposed to match up. Quibbles though, that. Some stuff was done in a studio in Burnaby also.
For me the simple story gave way to non-story, with the prolonged chase at the end, which was much more paint by numbers than the rest of the true b…