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Glib Movie Reviews Of Random Movies redux

I haven't been updating this blog, but have started a sister blog on my transition.

This blog hopefully I will keep throwing some movie reviews up, and some of my own stuff from the Youtube as well.

Some random reviews follow:

Big Fan. Patton Oswalt does a DeNiro esque turn in this film that sjows you the real dangers of being a sports fan. Getting beat up by famous athletes. surprising on many levels, especially the depth of Oswalt's performance. great little movie. 

Three Monkeys. latest by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Not quite as awesome as my recently reviewed films of his: Climates, and Distance, but well worth seeing if you like slow artsy gorgeously shot fare. I do. Just didn't connect with this one quite as much. A chauffer for a politician does a favor for said politico, comes to regret it as his family gets even more messed up than it already was. Interesting take on mother/son relationships.

"Climates". University Prof and his much younger Girlfriend breakup in …