Glib Movie Reviews Of Random Movies redux

I haven't been updating this blog, but have started a sister blog on my transition.

This blog hopefully I will keep throwing some movie reviews up, and some of my own stuff from the Youtube as well.

Some random reviews follow:

Big Fan. Patton Oswalt does a DeNiro esque turn in this film that sjows you the real dangers of being a sports fan. Getting beat up by famous athletes. surprising on many levels, especially the depth of Oswalt's performance. great little movie. 

Three Monkeys. latest by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Not quite as awesome as my recently reviewed films of his: Climates, and Distance, but well worth seeing if you like slow artsy gorgeously shot fare. I do. Just didn't connect with this one quite as much. A chauffer for a politician does a favor for said politico, comes to regret it as his family gets even more messed up than it already was. Interesting take on mother/son relationships.

"Climates". University Prof and his much younger Girlfriend breakup in very realistic (read: dysfunctional)  manner amidst beautiful scenery at the beach. His life meanders on through crappy weather, and more crappy weather, he hooks up with an old flame in a weird weird rough sex scene. Eventually he tries to win back the ex. then it's over. Ceylan has a real gift (he acts as the main guy too) for subtle silent acting and getting the most out of good actors simply emoting during conversation, or alone. I highly recommend this or any of his films based on the two I've seen.  I have dubbed him "The New Turk-ovsky on the block".

Argentina continues to crank out awesome motion pictures. Haughty bottle Blonde has a car accident, goes into a fugue state for most of the picture, some people help her out, eventually she's fine. There's obviously more to it that that, but then my review would be all spoiler. Well done quiet acting on many fronts. Very similar to the films of Carlos Reygadas imo.

"Distant" - Turk film about a dude whose cousin from the sticks comes to stay with him in Istanbul. They both spend a lot of time deep in thought, staring at things and thinking. Occasionally people say stuff. Then it's over. Somehow this is all completely riveting. I learned some things about Istanbul, like they are way ahead on this recession business. They've been having the economic crisis for sometime etc.

Moon = Great little SF movie with another awesome turn from Sam Rockwell. It's no fun being a replicant, except when it is. Nice choices by the film makers, writer in this great addition to the "Outer Space is Driving me crazy" Genre.

Hurt Locker. Very solid Iraq movie about bomb disposal guys. Who obviously need to be a little nuts and at the same time very competent. Not an easy balancing act. Sort of a Generation Kill 2.

The Drowning Pool. Sequel to "Harper" with Paul Newman reprising Ross MacDonald's hard ass zen P.I. Not quite as edgy as Harper, but still a lot of fun! Directed by Stuart Rosenberg (of Cool Hand Luke fame etc) It's a grittier much less sexy Big Easy before the Big Easy in many ways. Good soundtrack, Big Sleep like non plot has Newman's Harper Bogarting his way around Joanne Woodward's character's weird family. 

tried to watch "Ex-Drummer"...  first movie I've turned off part way through in ages. Couldn't get into it's "look how avant garde we are" style. :blergh: No ratings.

"Public Enemies" by Michael Mann. Solid film if a bit soulless ( I blame Bale there, he wasn't up to Depp's level in this outing.) Very entertaining though and a very decent look and feel to it. Some great operatic moments in the gun battles etc. Definitely Mann's (maybe since Heat) best in a while imho.

Cruel Gun Story back to the 60's Janus/Criterion Japanese noir box set for this one. Directed by Furukawa  iirc, stars Shishido Joe(Tokyo Drifter, Branded To Kill etc) as a thug released from prison to do a big armored car robbery for the mob. double crosses abound in this straight forward and often funny look at post war criminal elements in Japan. movie takes no prisoners, rockets through the story 123 abc. good fun.

Finally got around to watching "State Of Play"... the movie not the series. Well crafted silly political thriller. Been awhile since there's been a decent newspaper movie. Good acting all around. Solid script, though I figured out the twist early on, they played it just right in terms of story beats.

Watched Jarmusch's "Limits Of Control". ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz... 
My least favorite Jarmusch film. And yes I've seen them all. Pretty? yes. Story? Kinda. Nothing much happens in this movie. Though there are a few nice boobies. The cameos touted in the trailer come off weak with the actors barely trying.


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