Three words: Vikings On Skis!

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The Last King
- Directed by Nils Gaup

Are ancient Norwegians technically Vikings? I don't know or care. As far as I am concerned these fur and armour wearing bros who look like Thor, Loki, or Odin, are Vikings.

Ahem... indeed, they are 'Vikings on Skis'. I am tempted to stop the review there, because what more impetus to watch this fast moving generic plotted but with awesome Vikings on Skis. In typical fashion with these sorts of historical action thingies, the King is killed. everyone thinks it a blonde haired ambitious (Marvel's Thor) Thor type Earl, but it turns out to be his evil Loki haired (aka Tom Hiddleston-y looks) bro. Anyhoo, the real evil guys are of course the church bros. Hint: you know the Bishop is evil when he demand that you being him the head of a baby.

I don't see these points as spoilers, just fun things to watch out for. Have I mentioned the Vikings on Skis! Of course the baby needs to be protected, and is by two Thor types, one blonde, one red. there is lots of need for vengeance to go around. Also the ski chases/fights are super well choreographed. The plot, dialogue is pretty rote, but it all moves quickly, and there are zero sexy montages!

In the end all the right things happen, and at the right time, it's a reasonable less than two hours long. Not terribly bloody, groundbreaking or anything, but fun, in a lovely snowy setting (Norway) and well.... Vikings on Skis!!!!!!

8.00001 arrows to the shoulder that don't stop your Olympic level skiing whilst carrying a baby outta 10


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