Days of Future Meh

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-Directed by Bryan Singer

Can it be that a person who reads several X-Men comics a month can be kind of bored by the X-men? Apparently. 

This movie was probably the best looking, best shot movie of all the X-Men movies, and it tries very hard to tie them all together as much as possible. Perhaps a bit to hard, as I felt like there was just too much exposition, too much handwringing, despite some great action set pieces, and some of my favourite X-Men being included, like Kitty Pryde, Blink, Iceman, Storm, and so on. 

You can’t blame a superhero movie for being contrived can you? I think you can. This movie has a better pace, and script than the ‘First Class’ movie, but for some ineffable reason it was not nearly as entertaining, for me at least. This may sound like a negative review, and it’s not really. 

I liked a great deal of the movie, up to the latter part where Magneto goes all arch villain again, kind of out of left field. The whole ending didn’t work for me, the story was too bloated by the whole Xavier/Mystique/Magneto triangle not working at all.  

The bromance chemistry between McAvoy and Fassbender was weirdly absent,as to me they had more of an angry sibling bromance vibe going... meh, and it the whole Wolverine arc really felt like a set-up movie for the next chapter. Which, I guess is what it is. 

Days of Future past, The comic was far less convoluted, and a way better time travel, alt future story. As usual, the book is better than the movie. There just wasn’t anybody to root for in the movie, and no surprises in how the story was bent for movie audiences. Young Hippy like Xavier needs to lose his hair and gain some gravitas. Magnet became a much more interesting character in the comics when he gained nuance and was occasionally empathetic even to humans. Exciting and fun, but kind of a heartless let down in this comic book nerd’s opinion. I bet it is more fun to watch with friends, than alone, though.

6.9 horrible  apocalyptic alternate futures that a bunch of selfish mutants have created for us outta 10


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