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- Directed by Doug Liman

Apparently the book is called All You Need Is Kill, The movie in the theatre was called Edge Of Tomorrow, the Disc release is Live Die repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow. I am not sure why there is a lack of confidence in any of the whacky titles, It’s a pretty solid sci-fi action flick, with a good sense of humour as well.

All the Groundhog Day comparisons are pretty spot on, right down to the tacked on cheeseball ending, which works better in Groundhog Day. Cruise is very well cast in these Sci-Fi action flicks, Like in Oblivion, he gets to ride at least one motorcycle, and fly a copter, there are few surprises in the film, except the solid sense of when to cut, when to let the story progress. 

Director Doug Liman, maybe most famous for Swingers, or The Bourne Identity is at the top of his game here. Bam bam bam, the show moves along like an action movie should.

Scenes are not repeated so often as to slog the story down, as the two leads eventually find each other and figure out how to keep eking a few more minutes out of the day, until finally they have the big confrontation with the ‘Boss alien’. having a sort of hive mind, bacterial villain works well in this very much what it would be like to live in a video game where you keep ‘dying’ over and over, til you figure out how to move forward in the story.

A very good ensemble of soldier types, including a great unrecognizable Bill Paxton as the sergeant major who is not American, rather, but from Kentucky, who likes to march up and down the square. And Brendan Gleeson as the general in charge of everyone.

The only real beef I have with this very entertaining, and gorgeously designed film is the Top Gun/Officer & A Gentleman ending that you can see coming, once the film passes the ‘natural ending’ by. Emily Blunt’s freaking Kick Ass character does not need a boyfriend, formerly smarmy or otherwise. Oh Hollywood, Love is not all you need, all you need is Kill.

8.88888 convenient mad scientists and their almost forgotten super weapons outta 10


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