Rave Review of "Her"

Yet Another Rave Review for “Her”

- Written & Directed by Spike Jonze

I include the written & credit in this case because despite all the awesome subtle Directorial touches to this film, what makes it work for me more than anything else, is the beat for (bang fucking on) beat, script. On just one viewing, this is hands down the best scripted film I’ve seen in months. The small weird sci-fi-ish conceits of the picture also lend it an authenticity that it wouldn’t in any other picture where there would be all this exposition about why this manic depressive high waisted pants wearing not nearly the nerd he appears to be Joaquin Phoenix, can afford to live in the Beverley wiltshire by writing (pretty awesome) letters for people. 

For my money, this portrayal of a middle age approaching guy who is sometimes suaver than Errol Flynn chatting up a tavern wench or Lady Pirate, and sometimes as effective in communicating as Jerry Lewis being a drooling bellboy is easily the best thing he’s done in a string of out there performances. Scarlett Johanssen’s breathy delivery is also completely on point as the sexy, flirtatious, kind of controlling OS girlfriend. 

Which leads to another of those great things about the film; we realize at the same time as Phoenix’s Theodor Twombly does, that he isn’t the only one with an OS girlfriend or boyfriend. As quickly as these AI Operating Systems grow and learn, they become almost acceptable as friends and partners. People really  have a reason to be staring at their phone while the beautiful world goes on around them. I cried four times, blubbering happy tears at the end of it.

The film has the most grown up ending possible. Also Amy Adams continues to be my favourite actress in everything I see her in. Scarlett gives her a run for it here, but sigh, Amy! I don’t recall how many if any Oscar noms this film got but Joaquin should trade in trading on Johnny Cash, for this performance; for me, it’s his new signature role. I feel like watching the movie again tonight.

I seriously can not recommend this film highly enough.

9.5789 chest pockets that your phone miraculously never falls out of , outta 10


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