Glib Reviews Of Vaguely Recent DVD Releases: Enough Said

Glib Reviews Of Vaguely Recent DVD Releases

- Directed by Nicole Holofcener

‘Enough Said’ is a lovely movie. Gandolfini shines in one of his last roles, but really for me, this was Julia Louis Dreyfus’ movie. I love her on TV, but in this she really gets to act, not just be the funny dorky lady she always is on TV. She gives a nuanced, wonderful performance, and holds the film together as the most fucked up of a wonderfully fucked up cast of characters.

Catherine Keener makes the wealthy poet single mom thing believable (almost) as she rants about her ex-husband, who sounds a bit of a putz. But all the characters in this film have that putz quality show up at some point. They are all jerks to each other at one point or another. Well, Albert(Gandolfini) maybe not as much as the others, but he’s as human as they are.

It’s refreshing to have a script where people are, like in the real world, mostly nice, but sometimes not. Sometimes we are selfish, rude, thoughtless. I loved that everyone is so human in this picture. The whole subplot of everyone being the age where you send your kids out of the house (swanky Universities in movie world), and having that separation anxiety be a part of their character’s development is very well done. 

Not a long review. There’s not much other to say I think you should watch it. I cried several times watching this movie, but they were all happy/melancholy tears.

9.222 Massage clients who yak your ear off about their exes, as you knead their scalps outta 10


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