First post with my new iPad

so, yeah. I bought an IPad Well I will have bought it in about two months when I've paid off the visa for it. I chose now as opposed to wait two months, saving up. Same difference, gratification, sooner... Win win in my mind.

The verdict? It's awesome. I got an ipad2 of course. For once I'm briefly on top of the tech. Usually I'm a few generations of computing behind. The main reason I got this thing though is for doing things like this, sitting on my sofa and blogging, making the little movies I like to make, that kind of thing. Photos. There are a lot of great photo apps. I'm really happy with that.

I've only got a few paid apps on it so far. GarageBand, being a bargain at 4.99, iMovie not as robust, but still useful in tandem with some of the cool super8mm apps and so on. I feel inspired using this little machine. I have already made a bit of media, a short corky movie and some experimental pics etc. I don't mind the onscreen keyboard either, though I may get a little wireless one down the road,

Things are going fairly well I guess otherwise for me. I still feel like I might want to move to Toronto next year or in the next few, depending on how things play out here. My work is pretty healthy, but it's an industry in rapid decline (video store). What I've gleaned from the navel gazing I've been doing since my return from the Toronto vacation is that I need to find a way to comfortably get out more and be a bit less of a homebody, any small ambitions I have as a poet, artist of whatever kind it is that I am, need to be networked and nurtured a bit more.

I let myself get distracted by my issues, previously written of aplenty if you scroll down, or peek back into my archive of occasional posts here on this blog,(and for that matter every blog I've evr had.) and the stuff I like to sit in my room and do, like angry birds, d&d stuff,reading comics, watching tv and movies;all of which I do a lot of, it's kind of amazing I get the really good amount of sleep I do, given how much time I waste, not that all my time is spent unproductively mind you. I'm still plugging away artistically, though the writing has been of a more editorial thing recently, doing more little movie, photo taking than writing. I plan to have this iPad as a tool to help balance all these interests of mine.

To quote Travis Bickle's wall: "one of these days I'm gona get organized.". ;)


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