Glib Reviews of Random Movies #11

 I've been super lax with updating this blog, mostly through sheer laziness. So I'm throwing some ready made content out there with some of my glib reviews of random movies from a forum I post on. I haven't actually been doing much in the way of new reviews, lately.

I'm tired of the same old whiny rants about how much I suck, can't get my shit together. I don't want to get into political ranting, though I'm extremely disappointed in the 40% of eligible voters who can't see beyond all the fear being spread by the aptly named Cons. (There are no Tories, dead party get over it... do we call the NDP The CCF? No. Cause they ain't the CCF nor is Harper and his pack of goons Tory. Fiscally responsible? Warplanes in this country are the opposite of that. Getting rid of planned parenthood? Yeah why would you want to plan something like parenting?

Sad fucking way this country is going. At least the Canucks won, barely. Actually Kesler won. So yeah don't get me started.

Here's some olde reviews of random flicks...


an interesting if a bit dull doc about Brion Gysin, who with Burroughs invented "the cut-up" and really is responsible for mashups of all sorts online now.  Informative but not in a juicy gossipy way I was hoping for. The Dream Machine is central to the doc. I'd love to have one. I may make one.


(Steve McQueen) no not the dead one, that's zombie Steve McQueen. Young patchily bearded Irishmen go to Prison. British prison. Ow. British Prison hurts. a lot. But. You get to have great "My Dinner with Andre" style conversations with a priest sometimes. Margaret Thatcher does some V/o work. Does not come off sympathetically at all. nope. There's some unintentional laughs during the harrowing denouement - The actual hunger strike, as a series of plates with distinctly British cuisine sit uneaten by the hunger striker. British food is a great diet aid it seems.

Ed Brubaker's Angel Of Death.

Much better than it should be... all based on Zoe Bell's awesome kickassitude, and Bru's fun Noir-y, very comic booky script. totally cheesy and predictable, yet fun and satisfying if your expectations are appropriate.

River Of No Return -
Dir. by Otto Premminger. Starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. A great In-Studio mostly Western with some great Matte paintings and real vistas. Mitchum plays his stock and trade a manly Man who is trying to settle down in Injun territory with his son, when Marilyn and her swarthy boyfriend (Rory Calhoun!) come in and steal his horse and gun. The Injuns chase them down the river as they chase Rory. Marilyn sings a lot of cheesy songs in her breathy hypnotic style. Everyone does what is expected in this likely kinda grim for the era Oater.

My Dinner With Andre

(Malle)  on Criterion DVD. Holds up well as a film, though Andre's ranting comes off as a bit dated. His conspiracies are kinda olde hat compared to even the most average interweb thread on such things. Still his performance, and Wally Shawn's are still awesome. The movie is still a clever take on theatre people and their idiosyncrasies.

London To Brighton.

Grim as fuck movie about a hooker and the young girl she tries to save from bad men (geezers)... Both London and Brighton seem like desolate sad places in this film. super predictable ending kinda ruins it, despite the fact they don't wrap it all up in a neat little conclusion.


a doc about Barney Rosset and Grove Press. Very interesting story, and guy. There's someone who never took any guff, pretty much did what he wanted, was hoisted by his own hubris, and is annoyed, but has distance on it and understands that his demise (as a publisher) was mostly his own fault. Lots of interesting very off the cuff interviews with Barney & many notable authors, etc from over the last 50 years.

Quantum Of Solace.

Surprisingly bad (but not terrible… still better than several other Bond films) in the exact same way the previous Craig/Bond was surprisingly good. It does have some good tongue in cheek bits. But the Villain was dull and the whole exercise seems duller the more you think about it.

What Just Happened
Directed by Barry Levinson It was OK. DeNiro was fine, Hollywood stuff ok... but not great. mediocre effort from some great people.

Changeling Directed By Clint
Re-fucking-lentless movie. Beautifully shot and the 1920', 30's LA was sumptuous. Angelina and her lips were good, the bad guys, oh so bad. Very well done flick.

Re watched Sexy Beast
Holds up well. great acting from everyone in this picture and an interesting take on the "just one more job" genre of heist film.

The Collector by Willie Wyler

Great film making. Stamp is uber creepy and Samantha Eggar lovely as ever. Awesome film I can't believe I hadn't seen til last night, especially since the book was a fave of mine back in Uni. Though I can't see myself going back and re-reading any Fowles.

Slumdog Millionaire

was neither as bad or as good as I had heard. The pace was not consistent, some of the vignettes were a bit too long. Shoulda cut 20 or 30 minutes or so, and it would have been a good roller coaster.

Georgia Rule 

Lindsay Lohan goes to Idaho and gives a Mormon a BJ, in a boat. Also stars Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman as Old Bitches.


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